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The Tick Panel

Tick, Tick, Boom: Peter Serafinowicz And Company Talk 'The Tick' At NYCC 2017

Freddy Vale writes from New York Comic Con 2017: In a world riddled with dark, gritty, sepia-toned superheroes, one show dares to defy the status quo: The Tick! The latest iteration of the blue suited super-bug is heavily inspired by the more classic model of the superhero; one filled with cheesy catchphrases and over-the-top characters. […]

The Tick Surveys The City In New Photo From Amazon Pilot

Amazon has released a number of new photos from the upcoming pilot for The Tick (via TVLine). In one, star Peter Serafinowicz, as the Tick, surveys The City. His … The City. In another the Tick and a retired Arthur — played by Griffin Newman — seemingly reconnect. According to previous reports, the pilot will […]

Thoughts On The First Three Episodes Of Preacher

Rob Bradfield writes … For the most part, reaction to AMC's Preacher has been positive – and with good reason. On a continuum that starts with flawless faithfulness to the material (Sin City) and ends with going so far afield of the source material as to draw actual contempt from the fans and critics alike […]