Ironheart #11 [Preview]

Daddy Issues in Ironheart #11 [Preview]

Daddy issues. All the best superheroes got em. The Hulk’s daddy is a literal demon. Superman’s daddy is an insane space criminal. Batman’s daddy teamed up with Bane to break his son and take over Gotham City. The list goes on and on, and Riri Williams officially joins the top tier of superheroes when Ironheart […]

Marvel Solicit Covers... temp

Eve Ewing Confirms End of Ironheart Series, Promises Return After Incoming

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on the lack of a new Ironheart issue in Marvel’s full December solicitations, with November’s Ironheart #12 looking like the final issue. Now, writer Eve Ewing has taken to Twitter to confirm the news and comment on her run with the series. well, i knew our very observant readers would […]

Ironheart #10 [Preview]

Introducing Shuriri in Ironheart #10 [Preview]

Ironheart #10 is in stores next week from Marvel Comics, by Eve Ewing and Luciano Vecchio. We’ve got a preview below. As the recap page tells us, in pursuit of the mystery behind the Ten Rings, Ironheart has traveled to Wakanda for a team-up with Shuri and former New Warrior Silhouette. And the preview shows […]

Marvel Solicit Covers... temp

Ms. Marvel and Ironheart to Be Changed Forever in November

Marvel Comics can barely go a week without claiming some earth-shattering revelation or another will change a character, or even the entire Marvel Universe, forever. In the full November solicitations, the House of Ideas promises at least two big changes. First up, Magnificent Ms. Marvel #9, which features two universe-shaking possibilities: first, that Kamala and […]

Ironheart #9

Shuri Gets a Rude Houseguest in Ironheart #9 [Preview]

Ironheart #9 hits stores this week from Marvel Comics, by Eve Ewing and Luciano Vecchio, and we’ve got a preview below. The story this far is summed up in the recap page, with Riri searching for a portal to the Wellspring of Power before her enemies in the Ten Rings find it first. And she […]

Ironheart #8: Daddy Issues [Preview]

Ironheart #8: Daddy Issues [Preview]

Daddy issues. All the best superheroes got ’em. Batman watched his parents die, and now his daddy from an alternate dimension is back and putting him through hell in an effort to “save him” from being Batman. Superman’s daddy taught him all kinds of messed up stuff in Man of Steel, like how to not […]

Robert Downey Jr. Supports Bringing Iron Heart into the MCU

Robert Downey Jr. Supports Bringing Ironheart into the MCU

When the credits rolled on Avengers: Endgame it was quite clear that star Robert Downey Jr. is moving on the Marvel franchise. This isn’t that surprising considering he’s been involved since 2008 [earlier if you count production] so it’s something people have been preparing for. The question then became what would happen to the mantle […]

A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)

A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)

DC is doing their own version of Marvel Zombies right now in the hit mini-series, DCeased, so it’s only fair that what goes around comes around. So in this preview of Ironheart #7, we see what appears to be a zombie pandemic breaking out, when an alert sounds… Yup, that’s definitely a zombie. Does this […]

Maybe Spider-People and Iron-People Shouldn't Be Friends? Ironheart #6 Preview

Maybe Spider-People and Iron-People Shouldn’t Be Friends? Ironheart #6 Preview

We’re just gonna put it out there: maybe Spider-People and Iron-People should just kinda stay away from each other. We’re all familiar with the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame by now, and if you aren’t, well, the spoiler ban has officially listed, so you’d better click away from here now if you […]

#MarvelCeased? Zombies Invade Ironheart in June

Last month, #DCeased, the new event comic where the heroes of the DC Universe fight hordes of rampaging zombies was all the rage on Twitter. But revealed today in Marvel’s June solicitations, the House of Ideas will have its own version of #DCeased, #MarvelCeased if you will, which is all fair since if you think […]

Even Superheroes Need a Good Lecture Sometimes in Next Week’s Ironheart #3

Riri Williams may be the smartest Iron Person around, a student at M.I.T. by day and a superhero by night, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune from getting told off by her mother. In next week’s Ironheart #3, Riri is focusing too much on trying to solve a series of kidnappings that’s seen her high […]

Riri Williams’ Best Black Friday Deals in Next Week’s Ironheart #1

It’s Black Friday, that holiest of holidays where Americans put their lives on the line to obtain marginally better deals than they might find any other time of the year at various retailers! Next week’s Ironheart #1 may not actually be set during Black Friday, but we feel the preview captures the spirit of the holiday, […]

Funko NYCC Collage 1

Funko NYCC Reveals Wave 2: Marvel, Music, Gaming, and Star Wars!

Funko has begun revealing their exclusives for NYCC 2018. While not as many as SDCC, this is the second-biggest show of the year for them as far as exclusives go, and they will be spending the week showing off what fans and collectors can get at the show. Remember: you have to enter the Funko […]

Kevin Libranda’s Designs for Riri Williams: Ironheart

A lot has been said about Marvel’s decision to hire Eve L. Ewing to write the new Riri Williams: Ironheart series. But she has high praise for her artist on the series too. Here’s Kevin Libranda‘s designs for the character. As well as covers from Amy Reeder... Humberto Ramos… Stephanie Hans… Luciano Vecchio… …and Jen Bartel.

Champions #23 Review: Burning at the Touch of the Man-Thing

Viv Vision has been taken out by the Man-Thing. Snowguard fights to protect Viv, and the rest of the Champions follow soon behind. They manage to pacify the beast, but Viv is still comatose. Wasp can’t wake her up without risking damage. The Man-Thing is kept in containment as he feeds off the emotions of […]

Riri Williams: Ironheart Movie in the Works from Marvel Studios, to Replace Iron Man?

Riri Williams is the teenage genius secret identity of Ironheart, a superhero inspired by Iron Man, and reverse engineered. In the comic books, she recently led the Invincible Iron Man series in Tony Stark’s absence and is currently a member of the Champions superhero team. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato, it appears […]

Champions #22 cover by R.B. Silva and Nolan Woodard

Champions #22 Review: New Heroes and Identities, Same Lovable Team

The Champions have reunited after their adventures in outer space (as seen in Infinity Countdown: Champions). Amadeus Cho is slightly powered down and now going by the name Brawn. Ironheart has a new costume based upon Chitauri technology. Nova Sam Alexander has lost his Nova gear and, as a result, his powers. New Champion Snowguard […]