Let’s Go and Tour the Game of Thrones Sets in Ireland

Dear HBO, >this< writer is VERY Irish, and has been looking for a good reason to visit the ancestral home land for FOREVER, and a Game of Thrones tour sounds like the best reason ever. It was announced today that HBO, along with the local Irish locations, are converting several Game of Thrones filming locations into tourist […]

Jason Momoa khal drogo

Jason Momoa, in Ireland with the Game of Thrones Cast Again

Remember how we theorized the possibility of a certain undefeated Khal returning to Game of Thrones for the final season because of a Guinness-centric Instagram post from Jason Momoa? Well maybe, just maybe, there was some truth there. Theoretically, Momoa was truly just in the same country/airport as GoT creative team David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, but a new set of […]

Space Chickens in Space Set to Engage in Some Animated “Fowl Play”

Move over “Pigs in Space”, because you have some stiff competition in the whole space-faring animals category. British production company CAKE, Australia’s Studio Moshi, Mexico’s Ánima and Ireland’s Gingerbread Animation are teaming-up on new children’s animated comedy series Space Chickens in Space. Created by José C. García de Letona and Rita Street, with Jordan Gaucher serving […]

An Irish Hound Goddess

Hound: A re-imagining of Cu Chulainn, Ireland’s greatest legend. Story by Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin, Artwork by Paul Bolger, Produced by Hugh Welchman, Kickstarter closing date: 1st of May ( Marcin J. Sobczak writes, Dear Bleeding Cool Readers… Just before you’ll take a look at our project briefly described beneath, I’d prepared a little treat exclusively for you (one here and […]

Self Publishing Without A League Of Volunteers

Robert Curley writes; July 1993 is when I first began my professional life in comics, humble beginnings in a flea market armed with my own collection from the past fifteen or so years. My only competition was Forbidden Planet as the other two shops in Dublin had recently closed their doors, but still in my […]

Now The Saw Doctors Get A Comic

I have a really soft spot for Irish rock group, The Saw Doctors. And yes, like everyone who’s heard of them, I prefer their earlier stuff, I Useta Lover, N17, Green And Red Of Mayo and the like. But now I have a whole new reason to get back into their work. Joining the likes […]