Razer Unveils New Arctech Smartphone Cases For Gamers

Razer Unveils New Arctech Smartphone Cases For Gamers

Shortly after the new iPhone reveals today from Apple, Razer unveiled their own line new Arctech smartphone cases for both Razer and Apple lines. Each of these cases, aside from being designed in the company color lines, come with Thermaphene. Which is a thermally-conductive material designed to make your phone cool down while playing games […]

Charging Like a Boss: We Review the Logitech Powered for iPhone

If you’ve purchased any of the newer iPhones from the “8” model and up, you’ve probably taken advantage of the new cord-free charging option. The minute that hit the market, a lot of people tried to find their own ways of helping iPhone users out without doing anything crazy that might break their phone. One of […]

Just What We Needed: Apple Is Making More iPhone Versions in 2018

After seeing Apple release three new versions of the iPhone (iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus) at prices that would make anyone’s bank account weep, the company now has plans to release more versions that will apparently be bigger and cost even more than these. Bloomberg is reporting that all three devices have underperformed according […]

Pokémon GO Adding AR+ Mode To iOS Versions Of The Game

Niantic revealed in a press release today that the iOS version of Pokémon GO will be getting an upgrade with AR+ Mode. No information was given as to an official release date, only that devices from the iPhone 6 and up running iOS 11 would be able to use the new update. Below are some of […]

Apple’s iOS 11 Update For iPhone Breaks Discord

Chances are if you’re running a Nintendo Switch and hate their voice chat system on your phone, you’ve probably installed Discord either on your device or on your PC to better communicate with people. Even if you’re not gaming, it makes for a good free communication system that’s clearer than Skype if you’re just going […]

Mario Is Coming To iOS This Year In Mario Run

Well, then. I wasn’t expecting this. It has just been announced during the Apple Event that Mario is finally coming to the app store. The game is called Mario Run. It is unsurprisingly an runner game where you will be jumping across the level and you will be able to compete with friends in head to […]

The Bioshock iOS App Is Coming Back

The other day, I wrote about the the loss of the Bioshock app on iOS platforms. It seemingly disappeared without warning, after not working with recent iOS updates. At that time a representative of 2K said the game was gone, and they apologiesed for it. It seems they may have spoken too soon though. In […]

Bioshock iOS Port Has Been Entirely Delisted On Stores

Bioshock for iPhone and iPad always seemed an incredibly weird concept ever since it was announced. As it turns out, the game was not very good at all either, with limited control schemes on the touchpad and significant;y downgraded visuals. The game has actually been more or less unusable for a while now too. Ever […]

Hearthstone Now Available On Mobile Devices For Free

I’ve had a good amount of fun with Hearthstone, but it never hooked me mostly because it never felt right on any of my devices. I don’t use my tablet much and it felt a little ‘dinky’ to play on a desktop. It’s a fantastic game, but if I’m on my PC, I don’t want […]

Batman & The Flash: Hero Run For iOS And Android

DC Entertainment has released a new mobile game, an over-the-shoulder infinite runner that focuses on Batman and The Flash. Here is the description for Batman & The Flash: Hero Run – Give Joker or Gorilla Grodd a run for their money! Batman & The Flash: Hero Run is an exciting new game app now available for […]

Wayward Manor Is A Bit Wayward In Terms Of Gameplay

By Jared Cornelius When I sit down to write reviews I’ve found it to be pretty easy most of the time.  A game like Shovel Knight, or a comic like Andre The Giant Life & Legend that I got a lot of enjoyment out of translate well to reviews because there’s so much that I liked.  It’s easy to talk about a […]

Afterlife With Archie Gets An App

Archie Comics is hitting the wireless world. A new free app is now available for Afterlife With Archie on Apple (iPhone, iPad), Amazon Kindle, Google Play and the Windows Store. The series written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and with art by Francesco Francavilla has been selling out in comic shops regularly. So it seems like a […]

Comic Style Adventure Game Comes To Your Apple Device

Nova-Box has released its new game Echoes for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Set in a film noir world, the company considers there game an interactive adventure comic book with multiple endings depending on the choices you make along the way. Kind of a choose-your-own-adventure on a digital screen. In the first episode called Greenhearth, […]

Digital Comics Without Words To Teach Communication Skills

A lot of fans and industry professionals talk about bringing in new readers to comics, but the truth is a lot of that is just talk. Everyone wants more readers but very few take the time and effort to do something about it. Those that do should be applauded, encouraged and supported… Juan Felipe Salcedo […]

Sequential – The Digital Boutique Graphic Novel App Goes Live (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Yes, sorry folks, UK and Ireland only… Sequential, the digital boutique graphic novel app that we covered in depth a few weeks ago, has gone live on Apple iOS devices. Launch titles include From Hell, Nelson, Verity Fair, Bolland Strips, Hugo Tate and more. Many of the titles include extras, including audio tracks. The […]