“Pokémon Masters” Receives A Holiday Event With Decorations

DeNA officially started up their own event in Pokémon Masters today as we get a few new additions, but mostly decoration and costumes. We have the full set of additions for you below, including a new look for the Pokémon Center, a story event that kicks off on December 23rd, and some special bonuses just […]

"Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery" Arrives On Mobile

“Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery” Arrives On Mobile

Your mobile devices are no longer safe as Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery officially drops on iOs and Android this week. Unlike other games where you play in a confined space, now you have to deal with being stalked by haunted electronics in the real world. You’ll be able to use different tools […]

Disruptor Beam Announces New FXX Mobile Game "Archer: Danger Phone"

Disruptor Beam Reveals New FXX Mobile Game “Archer: Danger Phone”

Fans of the FXX series Archer will be happy to know there’s a mobile game based on the show coming out called Archer: Danger Phone. The game is being developed by Disruptor Beam, who are basically taking all of the good things about the show from the humor to the running gags and mixing it […]

“Brown Dust” Is Being Given A Massive “Jump-Start” Update

The mobile game Brown Dust will be getting a brand new update, which will essentially be one of the biggest content patches to date. This update will include the new Jump-Start Quest system, as part of the “Jump-Start Festival” event. You’ll also be getting some new Six Devils Companions. Plus bug fixes and new features […]

DeNA's "Pokémon Masters" has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

“Pokémon Masters” Is Getting More Content From Previous Games

Those of you playing Pokémon Masters will be excited to learn there’s more content on the way, some of it from previous Pokémon games. DeNA announced they’re adding three new story chapters for players to explore, as well as Calem from Pokémon X & Y into the mix. We have all the new additions for […]


Gamevil Announces “NBA Now” For Mobile, Launching Today

A big day for mobile releases as Gamevil has launched a brand new NBA title onto iOS and Android as fans can play NBA Now today. The game puts you in the role of General Manager of one of the NBA teams, giving you the chance to customize your roster and take them to a […]

"Marvel Strike Force" Launches A New Halloween Update

“Marvel Strike Force” Launches A New Halloween Update

FoxNext Games released a brand new update today into Marvel Strike Force, bringing new characters and a bit of Halloween fun to the game. A couple of the characters will be getting some fun perks, but the big addition is two new characters in Ghost Rider and Elsa Bloodstone. You can read more about them […]

"Pokémon Masters" Is Getting A Familiar Gym Leader

“Pokémon Masters” Is Getting A Familiar Gym Leader

DeNA announced a new gym leader is coming to Pokémon Masters as you’ll be seeing an annoying but familiar face with Elesa and her Zebstrika. These two come from the adventures you had in Pokémon Black & White, as one of the harder and frustrating leaders in the game. You can see some info and […]

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“Zombieland: Double Tapper” Releases Onto Mobile Today

Sony Pictures Television Games, Tilting Point, and Metagame Studios have officially released Zombieland: Double Tapper on mobile devices today. The game lets players slay zombies across the land in dozens of missions New England to California. You get an array of weapons to build and utilize as you take out a variety of zombies from […]

“Mario Kart Tour” Receives A New Tokyo Track

Nintendo has added a brand new track to Mario Kart Tour this week, giving players a chance to zoom through the streets of Tokyo. They’ve done their best to make the tracks look like the city with every highlight they can, even sticking Mount Fuji in the background. You can check out more in the […]

"Mario Kart Tour"

“Mario Kart Tour” Tokyo Tour Races To Mobile Devices This Week

Mario Kart Tour is headed to Tokyo as the game’s second set of courses arrive in the game. The update is coming to the game starting at 3 AM ET on October 9. The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account posted some quick concept art from the upcoming tracks. You’ll race through scenic vistas and […]

Four More Games Were Just Added To Apple Arcade In A Surprise Release

Four More Games Were Just Added To Apple Arcade In A Surprise Release

Apple Arcade just added four more games this weekend. You can now jump into Pilgrims, The Bradwell Conspiracy, RedOut: Space Assault, and Nightmare Farm now. Here’s a bit about what you can expect from each game. Apple seems to have forgone any big fanfare surrounding the new additions, but there’s definitely worth playing. Amanita Design, […]

Activision Let Us Try "Call Of Duty: Mobile" During E3 2019

“Call Of Duty: Mobile” Debuts To Massive Download Numbers

Activision and Tencent Games are celebrating this weekend as Call Of Duty: Mobile released to some impressive download numbers on iOS and Android. According to the company, the game has surpassed 35 million downloads, and done so faster than any other mobile first person or third person action games on App Store and Google Play. […]

"Mario Kart Tour" Laps Other Apps As Nintendo's Most-Downloaded Mobile Game Ever

“Mario Kart Tour” Laps Other Apps As Nintendo’s Most-Downloaded Mobile Game Ever

Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s latest mobile game release, and it’s doing quite well for itself. The iOS and Android title racked up a whopping 90 million downloads in its first week alone. That makes it Nintendo’s biggest smartphone launch ever. Mario Kart Tour stands atop the list, over Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp at 14.3 million downloads […]

"Call of Duty Mobile" Has Seemingly Dropped Controller Support

“Call Of Duty: Mobile” Has Seemingly Dropped Controller Support

Just a couple of days following its official launch, Call Of Duty: Mobile no longer supports controllers. Originally, controller support was something of a surprise feature for the game. That meant, joyously, you could use your own PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller instead of the touch screen controls. The same luxuries apply to many […]

Activision Blizzard & Tencent Launch “Call Of Duty: Mobile” Today

This morning, Activision Blizzard and Tencent Games officially launched Call Of Duty: Mobile for people to download free on iOS and Android. If you haven’t checked out the game yet, it basically provides the CoD multiplayer experience with maps from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops franchises. Ready to play from a mobile device. […]

"AxE: Alliance Vs Empire" Receives A Massive Content Update

“AxE: Alliance Vs Empire” Receives A Massive Content Update

Nexon announced this evening that AxE: Alliance Vs Empire is receiving a major content update to the MMORPG that will help improve the game. Below are the improvements they’re adding in this week, which includes a new Moonstone System and a season event on the way for Halloween. The update is available as we speak, […]

Google Launches Play Pass to Compete with Apple Arcade

Google Launches Play Pass To Compete With Apple Arcade

In this “Anything you can do, I can do better” culture, it is no surprise Google responded to Apple’s announcement of the Apple Arcade with their own game and app subscription service called Play Pass. Android users will have access to more than 350 premium games and apps at $4.99 a month. Numerous Games and […]

Graviton & Agent Coulson Join "Marvel Strike Force"

Graviton & Agent Coulson Join “Marvel Strike Force”

FoxNext Games announced this week that Marvel Strike Force would be getting a new update featuring Gravitron and Agent Coulson joining the fight. Along with both of their skills as a master of gravity and an agent with some backup, the game will be getting an upgrade to the A.I.M. units with some new dangerous […]

“Octopath Traveler” Prequel Has An English Version Coming

It looks like Square Enix are already preparing to have Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha appear in the west after some screenshots popped up this week. The company has been answering tweets from users who have questions about the upcoming mobile release on the game’s Twitter account. The most recent, which they said would be […]