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Microsoft Promoting Major Episode Of “Inside Xbox” At XO19

Microsoft are apparently rolling out everything for Xo19 this year, including a major episode of Inside Xbox they’re saying will be the biggest of 2019. The show will have a ton of announcements from the convention, including featuring 12 games from Xbox Game Studios. The episode will run on Thursday, November 14th, starting at 3pm […]

Microsoft Gives More Details To Project xCloud During Inside Xbox

Microsoft Gives More Details To Project xCloud During Inside Xbox

During this week’s Inside Xbox, we got a brief preview of the new Project xCloud system and what it means for Microsoft and Xbox players. The company did a slight preview of what the platform is and how the tech works to stream games from the cloud. Essentially, the Xbox version of what Google Stadia […]

The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer

“The Outer Worlds” Will Be The Focus For Inside Xbox Tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be insane between Xbox and PlayStation showing off new things, as The Outer Worlds will be part of Inside Xbox. The company revealed on Twitter that the game would be front-and-center for the presentation, along with a number of other games. You can see the teaser trailer below along with the […]

Inside Xbox Announces Their Return To Gamescom 2019

Inside Xbox Announces Their Return To Gamescom 2019

Xbox has a big announcement of sorts this week as they let fans know that Inside Xbox would be making a return at Gamescom 2019. The show will be bringing fans of the console news and info from Cologne, Germany on Monday, August 19th. We have details for you below on the plans for the […]

No Man’s Sky Developer Says They’ll Continue to Update the Game

In the most recent video for Inside Xbox, Hello Games founder Sean Murray decided to drop by the show and discuss the recent addition of No Man’s Sky on the Xbox One. A lot of things were addressed in the video about the way the game was ported over and how the issues from PC […]

Inside Xbox Teases News For Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility

Well, that’s one way to get a lot of people tuning in. Inside Xbox teased a big announcement for the next episode that will drop on April 10th, which will have a focus on backwards compatibility for the original Xbox. Not a lot of details were handed out as the news serves primarily as a […]

Microsoft To Debut New Online Series This Week Called “Inside Xbox”

This Saturday, March 10th, Microsoft will be debuting a brand new web series for Xbox users and fans called Inside Xbox. The show looks like their own version of Nintendo Direct with a bit of an Attack Of The Show spin to it to make it feel more personable. Below are the trailer and the […]