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I Have In My Hands Infinite Vacation #5 By Nick Spencer And Christian Ward

It's been a long time coming. But here is definite proof it exists. Infinite Vacation #5 by Nick Spencer and Christian Ward. It's $5.99, the story is 64 pages long and that includes the four page foldout splashes and a couple of blank pages. The last issue of this five issue series came out in […]

Christian Ward Paints The Pictish Trail

In something that gives me strange flashbacks to Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer, Infinite Vacation artist Christian Ward has taken part in a video for Michael Rocket by The Pictish Trail from Fence Records, portraying artwork flowing from the lead singer's head, slightly speeded up. It's rather beautiful. Not a bad song either. [youtube][/youtube] The album can […]

The Infinite Vacation #3 Church Of One Video

In the new issue of Infinite Vacation, out today from Nick Spencer and Christian Ward, from Image, there is a video shown in comics form to promote the Church of One. Who, despite the evidence on hand, in their own convoluted logic, preach of only one universe. And here's that video… in video form.

Infinite Term Time – Can You Help Christian Ward?

The artist of Infinite Vacation, written by Nick Spencer and published by Image Comics, is Christian Ward. But when he's not drawing comics, he is also the head of art at a secondary school in Bethnal Green, London And he's  setting up a scheme at school to use comics and graphic novels to help promote […]

Image Reprints… Everything

Well, it seems like everything anyway. We know that Butcher Baker #1 is getting a second print, with the second issue racing around the corner. Now we discover that Blue Estate #1, Green Wake #1 are getting second prints on sale the 4th of May, and Nonplayer #1 and Undying Love #1 are also getting […]

Two New Infinite Vacation Videos

Nick Spencer and Christian Ward's Infinite Vacation ships from Image Comics in the US and Canada tomorrow. And it would ship in the UK tomorrow except that weather-based issues have delayed it a week at least. In this universe that is. However I'm managed to nab a copy from a parallel universe where there are […]