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Why DC’s Infinite Crisis and Superboy Prime are Very Relevant Right Now

Much has been made of some of the current titles being released at the moment, and how they mirror or relate to our current world and political climate. Many comics seem to have metaphors for Donald Trump, or stand in Trump characters, or look at the whole politics of the situation, such as Nick Spencer‘s […]

Sweet Release! Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection, Bloodborne, Metal Slug 3, Infinite Crisis, Forza Horizon Fast & Furious

By Jared Cornelius Welcome back to Sweet Release!  Bleeding Cool’s weekly look at the newest video games coming to store shelves and digital download.  With March quickly coming to a close the backlog of games is growing ever larger.  While originally thought this month would belong to downloadable titles, the last few weeks are making me reconsider with another slate of big name […]

DC Comics Gossip – Ten Years Later

DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio, looking through his time at DC Comics as it prepares to move coasts, posted a pitch from around years ago on Facebook. The pitch, titled To Infinite Crisis and Beyond, laid out the long term plan for the DC Universe and it covered the proposed direction and tone of the universe, […]

Meet The New Lex Not The Same As The Old Lex

In chapter 13 of Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse we get introduced to a new version of an old familiar villain. Gaslamp Lex Luthor is a genius inventor who wants to do good but for his own self-interest. So how did this character come about and join the team? Dan Abnett said in a […]

How Superman: Doomed #2 Goes Straight Back To Infinite Crisis (FINAL PAGE SPOILERS)

So, Superman: Doomed #2 is out today. The final issue of this crossover event that has pitted Superman against Doomsday in a far more internal fashion than previously portrayed, with plenty of schemes, plans and plots laid bare. But this series, conceived by Scott Lobdell, seems to have a greater continuity purpose towards the end. […]

Dan DiDio Teases A New Crisis

From Facebook. Of course. Dan DiDio says, Spending a Sunday night working on the comics (the real never ending battle), and came across this. Definitely one of the highlights of my time at DC, but it gets me thinking, has it really been almost ten years since then, and maybe its time to do it one […]

Infinite Crisis Comic To Come With Digital Doomsday Code For The Game

Here’s another reason to pick up the print version of the digital first comic Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse from DC. As well as the comic, written by Dan Abnett with art from Szymon Kudranski, Carl Potts and a cover by Gene Ha, buyers wll also get a code to download a free comes with an […]

Beta-Testing Infinite Crisis On Infinite MOBA Falls A Little Flat

By Etienne Dubuc Video games and comics have a pretty long history together. So it’s not surprising that those two medias unify to try to tackle some of the biggest trends right now. Superheroes are probably at their highest point in popularity ever with the Marvel cinematic universe and Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy. So it […]

Calling All MOBA Players – Infinite Crisis Now An Open Beta

If you haven’t already gotten you Beta invite for Infinite Crisis, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) from Warner Bros. Intereactive Entertainment and Turbine then now is your chance. Infinite Crisis is set within the DC Comics Multiverse and features a large and quickly growing roster of both familiar and new Multiverse variations of your favorite […]

Win A Green Lantern Themed Origin Genesis Z87 Gaming PC From Infinite Crisis

You can win a Green Lantern PC… Okay, you can win an Origins Genesis Z87 PC with Green Lantern on it. A green glowing PC that looks like a Green Lantern construct would be awesome… but not what is available here. Infinite Crisis, the new free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer On-Line Battle Arena) from DC Comics, WB […]

What’s DC Up To With The Infinite Crisis Trademark?

Infinite Crisis was a comic book mini-series launched by DC in 2005, and published digitally about a year ago. But right now DC are applying for a new trademark for Infinite Crisis, in two categories. Printed matter and paper goods, namely, books featuring characters from animated, action adventure, comedy and/or drama features, comic books, graphic […]

Batman #13 And Infinite Crisis

Will Romine reads Batman #13 before he heads out for New York Comic Con; I have friends.  One of those friends was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Batman #13.  That friend was also kind enough to let me read it, which means that I no longer have claim over my first born. […]

Jack Of All Trades by Dave Wallace – Infinitely Comprehensive

Dave Wallace wroted for Bleeding Cool; Welcome back to Jack of All Trades. I trust the festive season brought Bleeding Cool’s tradewaiters its traditional mix of good food and violent stomach cramp. Personally, I had quite a task to pull off, as I had invited my family over on Christmas day and promised to cook […]

Now Infinite Crisis Gets An Omnibus – And The New 52 Class Divide

It seems only yesterday that we discovered that the Invisibles Omnibus was on the way. Now we see Infinite Crisis Omnibus is on the way too. Collecting Day of Vengeance #1-6, Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special #1, Rann/Thanagar War #1-6, Rann/Thanagar War:Infinite Crisis Special #1, DC Countdown #1, OMAC Project #1-6, Omac Project:Infinite Crisis […]