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Indie Comic Spotlight: The Last #1 – Satyr Coming of Age

A small village of satyr-like aliens lives on a distant planet. The leader has a son who is very interested in space travel. The father, however, wants to hide their origins to protect him from the knowledge of those who would kill them. Unfortunately, those killers aren’t far behind, and the son will need to […]

Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2 cover by Barrett Stanley

Indie Comic Spotlight Review: Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2 – The Crew Picks up Snacks

Heartbreak Quadrant Phase Two opens with the scene of an Owner Corporation director infected with a fatal fungal infection. Her subordinate is attempting to retrieve her genetic material in order to repair the damage dealt, but it’s been stolen. On Ben’s ship, Ida, Kumi, and Duane continue their brawl with Nim. The ship is collapsing […]