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Funko ECCC Collage

All of Funko’s ECCC 2019 Exclusives in One Place

Funko and convention exclusives go together like PB&J, and Emerald City Comic Con is in their backyard in Seattle. So naturally, they are going to have a ton of exclusives. Funko HQ is also only about 40 minutes outside the city, and I am sure they will have special events there as well. For now […]

Matt Reeves’ Ordinary Joe Gets Put Pilot Commitment from NBC

The Batman writer/director Matt Reeves has found a home for one of his oldest projects, with NBC making a put pilot commitment for the drama Ordinary Joe. Written more than ten years ago, Reeves is set to executive produce the story of Joe, who faces a dramatic crossroads: Will he choose love, loyalty, or his artistic […]

Edna Mode’s “Designing Fabulous” Featurette from ‘Incredibles 2’ DVD

We told you earlier today about all the goodies we’re expecting on the home release of Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2, which of course included some pretty great extras and bonus materials. Disney Pixar was awesome enough to include a snippet of these offerings that feature our favorite supers fashion icon, Eda Mode, in “Designing Fabulous: […]

Here’s What We’re Getting on the ‘Incredibles 2’ DVD, Blu-Ray

Disney Pixar’s highly anticipated familial superhero film Incredibles 2 set a new record for success for an animated film at the box office, and we can’t wait to have the film for home release. Here’s what we’ll be getting on the official release of Incredibles 2 on Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and digital (features may vary by retailer though): […]

Incredibles 2 Surpasses $600M at the Domestic Box Office

Disney and Pixar are having one hell of a summer. Incredibles 2 opened to rave reviews after years of fans asking when we were going to see a sequel. Its domestic box office has now surpassed $600 million — the largest domestic box office for an animated movie, according to Toonado. It’s also the first […]

Jakks Pacific Brings Harry Potter, Nintendo, WWE, and Batman to SDCC

Jakks Pacific held their SDCC panel Friday evening, and as always it was a ton of fun. They keep things very loose and fun, doing giveaways and trivia throughout the panel. It really keeps their fans engaged. Well, it helps when they show great stuff coming soon, but Jakks is one of those rare companies […]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Roars with $711.5 Million Worldwide

What would the summer blockbuster offerings be without a giant monster of some kind? This year, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom roared into theaters netting an impressive $711,501,000 at the worldwide box office. According to Box Office Mojo, the fifth dinosaur film in the Jurassic Park franchise brought in $150,001,000 domestically, leading the weekend’s earnings. Incredibles 2 is in second place as […]

Incredibles 2 is a Force to be Reckoned with as it Brings in $71.6M on Friday

The numbers keep getting better when it comes to Incredibles 2. The early projections were looking like it was going to bring in $135-$140 million its opening weekend but that’s not looking like it’ll be the case. After a record setting $18.5 million in Wednesday/Thursday night previews according to Deadline the Pixar sequel brought in […]

Brad Bird Talks Jack-Jack’s Powers in Incredibles 2 [Spoilers]

There are a lot of jokes in Incredibles 2 that you don’t want spoiled for you, but one of the big ones is Jack-Jack. We know that the baby has powers (he basically saved the day in the first movie), but in the second we really get to see them let loose. Director and writer […]

Incredibles 2 Pulls in $18.5M in Thursday Night Previews

To the surprise of precisely no one, Incredibles 2 is on its way to a huge opening weekend. The Disney-Pixar movie, which is a sequel to The Incredibles from 2004, had a massive $18.5 million in Thursday night previews, according to Variety. The movie was originally looking like it was going to open at around $140 million, […]

Incredibles 2 Review: 14 Years Later and Feeling Just as Fresh

It’s been a full decade and a half since Pixar first brought The Incredibles to the screen. To try to help set the context for how different the world was then — there was no Marvel Cinematic Universe, and DC’s only entry in nearly the decade since Batman & Robin was Catwoman. Hellboy had just […]

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 Sets an Animation Pre-Sale Record

Incredibles 2 is almost upon us and it looks like the sequel to the best Fantastic Four movie to the best movie Pixar has made has set a new record. According to The Hollywood Reporter the pre-sale numbers are the highest that there has been for an animated movie and it is on track to […]

See Incredibles 2 Early at One of 6 Fan Events Around the US

Disney is hosting some fan events for Incredibles 2, so if you’re looking forward to the sequel to the best Fantastic Four movie the sequel to one of the best Pixar movies, you have a chance to see it early. In a press released Disney and IMAX announced the fan screenings of the movie and […]

3 Retro-Style TV Spots for Incredibles 2

It’s a month until Incredibles 2 comes out, and Disney and Pixar decided to celebrate today by releasing some new TV spots. These TV spots are super cute, though, because they are shot like old school-style TV commercials that you’d see in the ’80s or later. There are kids holding their toys and saying how […]

New Incredibles 2 Promo Highlights Elastigirl

It’s Mother’s Day so Pixar and Disney decided to take advantage of that and post a new promo for Incredibles 2 that focuses on the hero of the movie Elastigirl. The promo doesn’t feature much in the way of new footage but it’s still a nice reminder that this movie is flipping the gender roles […]

Incredibles 2 Gets a New Silhouette Poster, Plus Early Double Features

Tickets for Incredibles 2 have gone on sale, so now it’s time for another new poster. This one showed up on IMDB and continues the tradition of simplicity when it comes to the posters for this movie. We have the Barr family against against a red-and-orange background with the family outlined in yellow. Disney and […]

Incredibles 2

New TV Spot for Incredibles 2 as Tickets Go on Sale

Disney is looking to continue their rule over the summer season going into June with a follow-up to the best Fantastic Four movie one of their best movies, The Incredibles. Incredibles 2 takes place after the events of the first movie and follows the family as they adapt to a new situation — and try to save […]