Bleeding Cool at the Inception Press Conference

Chris Nolan’s Inception is released in cinemas across the UK and US tomorrow today. Promotional activity has been a global blur, but we did manage to get a focus on the press conference that was held in London for the movie. I’ve been listening to the audio recording of that conference, looking to pull out […]

Dreams Come True: Win Inception Merch

Here’s a reward for you, for being so nice – a competition that could net you one of three Inception goodie bags. Two of them will contain: An Inception-style spinning top; A copy of the soundtrack; A Hat; A Grey V-Neck; A Men’s “Spinning Top, Next Level” T-Shirt; A Ladies’ T-Shirt; A Key Ring. And a third will contain all of […]

Inception Review

Ben Mortimer has been to see Inception for us. It sounds like he enjoyed it rather a lot, but not without finding flaws. Here’s his brisk write up, for your interest: While there are many, many layers to Inception, at its heart it’s a heist movie. We begin with Dom Cobb (Di Caprio) in the […]