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Image Comics March 2020 Solicitations

Preview of Jonathan Hickman and Mike Huddleston's Decorum #1 From Image Comics

We mentioned Jonathan Hickman and Mike Huddleston's new series Decorum on the front cover for Diamond Previews earlier as well as part of the full solicitations for Image Comics for March 2020. But here's a preview of the first issue, three months out…  DECORUM #1 WRITER: JONATHAN HICKMAN ARTIST / COVERS A & B: MIKE […]

Speculator Corner: Invincible #111 (SPOILERS)

Bleeding Cool was first on the mark to point out why Invincible #110 may suddenly become a very collectable comic book. Well, the market seems to be ahead of us on Invincible #111. And the front page lets you know exactly what you're getting going in, even if you can't quite believe it when it […]

Wondercon: Kelly Sue DeConnick's Bitch Planet – Out In November, Folks! (UPDATE)

Straight from the mouth of Kelly Sue DeConnick, at her panel at Wondercon (and emailed me straight from the fingers of Bleeding Cool Editor-In-Chief Hannah Means-Shannon who will no doubt provide a stunning panel report at the earliest available opportunity…) Bitch Planet, the sexploitation comic announced at Image Expo, from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine […]

Satellite Sam's Tijuana Bible Not For British Eyes

British comic book retailers have been told by Diamond UK that the Satellite Sam Tijuana Bible incentive will not be available within these shores. Image Comics had previously announced that a fictional "Tijuana bible", based on the small press pornographic publications that lampooned cartoon figures, sports stars and actors from the twenties to the sixties, would […]

Rape And The Modern Superhero Comic – Invincible #110

There are spoilers for today's issue of Invincible by Robert Kirkman, the author of The Walking Dead and Ryan Ottley below. It is not unknown for rape to be a part of superhero comic books. Whether that's the attempted rape of Evey in V For Vendetta, the rape of Sue Dibny in Identity Crisis, of Katie in […]