Superman Gets His Hush Appearance from Mayfex

Superman Gets His Hush Appearance from MAFEX

Superman wasn’t the rising star to come from the DC Comics storyline Batman Hush. However, he did make a remarkable appearance as he and the Dark Knight duke it out. After being slightly hypnotized from Poison Ivy’s deadly seduction the Man of Steel himself tried to show his new love he can take down Batman. […]

A Fist-Fight Between Plato and Socrates in Batman #80 (Spoilers)

A Fist-Fight Between Plato and Aristotle in Batman #80 (Spoilers)

He does like to eke things out, doesn’t he, that Tom King. After issues of City Of Bane that were set in deserts, on mountaintops, or wandering along beaches clearing up stray continuity caught in the dunes, we actually get an issue of City Of Bane set in a city. And Gotham to boot. Bane […]

Hush Returns to Batman with Tom King and John Romita Jr?

Hush Returns to Batman with Tom King, John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson?

Hush, otherwise known as Tommy Elliot, is a Batman villain created by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee back in 2003. A childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, thy used to play strategy games and  Tommy taught Bruce to think like his opponents, to use their abilities against them in order to win. But driven by his […]

“Batman: Hush” Statue by Prime 1 Studios Stands Over 2 Feet!

Batman: Hush is a classic and iconic DC storyline. From introducing the villain Hush to exploring the relationship of Bruce and Catwoman and so much more. With the recent DC animation adaptation of the comic, it is no surprise to see a new statue coming soon. Prime 1 Studio is releasing Batman Hush statue that is […]

17-Year-Old Batman: Hush Finally Gets a Graphic Novel Trailer

17-Year-Old Batman: Hush Finally Gets a Graphic Novel Trailer

In an attempt to get people interested in the new Batman: Hush animated film, DC Comics has released a trailer for the original trade paperback collection of the comics that serve as source material for the cartoon. A press release notes: Considered one of Batman’s best tales, Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb’s Batman: Hush finds […]

Jason O'Mara Talks Batman: Hush,

“Batman: Hush” – Jason O’Mara Talks All Things Dark Knight [VIDEO]

On the Friday of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 (SDCC), we found ourselves seated in a packed press room to chat with the stars and producers of Batman: Hush. The world premier is about 20 minutes away as the voice of Batman himself, Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars, The Man in the High Castle), grabs a […]

Jim Lee and Icon Heroes Celebrate Batman's 80th With New Statue

Jim Lee and Icon Heroes Celebrate Batman’s 80th With New Statue

A new Batman statue celebrating his 80th anniversary is coming this fall to comic shops everywhere thanks to Icon Heroes. This statue will be based off the work of Jim Lee, featuring The Dark Knight posed on a base with one foot on a gargoyle head, Lee’s go-to pose for Bruce. The statue will stand […]

Batman: Hush Statue Coming From Kotobukiya in Fall

Batman: Hush Statue Coming From Kotobukiya in Fall

Batman is getting a new ArtFX+ statue from Kotobukiya, and it is from fan-favorite storyline Hush. The Jim Lee design is one of the most iconic looks for The Dark Knight, with its dark greys and blues, and the black Bat Symbol on the chest. The statue will stand around 6 inches tall and features […]

Batman Hush Jim Lee Art

[RUMOR] ‘Batman: Hush’ Animated Film Adds Familiar Voices to Cast

The upcoming animated adaptation of Batman: Hush may have found its voice cast. Rumor has it that many veterans of other DC Animated films and properties, along with a couple newcomers. The rumors do not specify characters either, but based on previous films and shows should make it easy to make some pretty educated guesses. […]

Ghoul Log

BC Horror: 8 Things to Stream This Week For Halloween!

Horror fans: this is the week we have all been waiting for. Like many of you, I have been consuming tons and tons of spookiness since October 1st, and it will all culminate on Wednesday with Halloween. This year, there are more options than ever for your Halloween viewing, and we thought we would clue […]

The Haunting of Hill Houst Netflix Trailer Still

Watch the Creepy, Awesome Trailer for The Haunting of Hill House

Netflix released the first trailer for their new adaptation of Shirley Jackson‘s The Haunting of Hill House today, and it looks incredible creepy. Set to a slow piano version of the song ‘Our House’ by Crosby Stills and Nash, it unnerved me like no other trailer this year. Check it out below! A modern […]

WB Animation’s 2019 DC Animated Film Release Schedule Announced at SDCC18

Info and Photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Jimmy Lezczynski: In a panel at San Diego Comic Con today, WB Animation announced the release schedule for their popular animated film adaptations of DC Comics stories for 2019. Reign of the Supermen is being released early in 2019. Justice League vs. The Fatal Five is set to be released in […]

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding- Nightwing vs. Hush #1 cover by Rafael Albuquerque and Dave McCaig

Nightwing vs. Hush #1 Review: The Cutest Bachelor Party Ever

Superman and Nightwing are throwing Batman a bachelor party. After a meal at Bat Burger, Superman shows a dimensional portal to a world where the three can fish in peace. An explosion draws Superman away, and Hush attacks in the chaos. Batman and Nightwing wrestle Hush until he and Nightwing tumble through the portal, which […]


Gotham Season 4, Episode 7 Recap: A Day In The Narrows

This article contains spoilers for the Gotham season 4 episode – A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows. . . . . . It looks like the writer’s of Gotham are finally getting around to fixing the most important thing that they broke along the way… Jim Gordon. As much as I love the […]

Batman: Hush – 24 Trades Of Christmas

As we move along this holiday season, we come to what is probably one of my favorite trades. My favorite Batman story, Hush. Now I’m in no way knocking seminal tales like The Killing Joke, The Long Halloween, Arkham Asylum, Year One or even the Dark Knight Returns. But for my money, Batman: Hush is […]

DC Comics Solicitations For February 2016 – Ch-Ch-Changes!

Sean Ryan and Philippe Briones are off New Suicide Squad, replaced by Tim Seeley and Juan Ferreyra. Cullen Bunn is off Aquaman, though Vicente Cifuentes is still on, but before Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis join, Dan Abnett is writing the book. And Will Pfeifer is off Teen Titans, replaced by Greg Pak with Noel Rodriguez […]