“Hunters”: Meet the Team Not Afraid to Punch (or Stab or Shoot or Strangle) a Nazi [VIDEO]

Now that Amazon Prime and award-winning writer/director Jordan Peele (Get Out) have shared the first official trailer for their vengeance-driven Nazi-hunting series Hunters (previously referred to as The Hunt), viewers are getting a better look at our “hunters” with mini profile clips offering an even better look at the action-packed, “grindhouse”-style series. Amazon Prime Video’s […]

Syfy Cancels Hunters And Shifts Finale To Midnight

Syfy has cancelled Hunters after just one season. The series from executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) adapted the Whitley Streiber best-selling novel Alien Hunter. It was the story of a Philadelphia cop searching for his missing wife that ties into a clandestine government agency that hunts extraterrestrial terrorists. The series starred Nathan […]

World Of Warcraft – Proposed Hunter Changes For Legion

At Blizzcon over last weekend, Blizzard talked a lot about the new World of Warcraft expansion Legion that is due out next summer. But even though it’s months away the planning has been going on for a while and one of the things they are stressing is making the individual classes more steeped in the […]

NYCC ’15: SyFy’s Hunters – Homeland With Aliens

By Madeline Ricchiuto The panel opened with the premier of the show’s first trailer which promises an action-based alien thriller show about an extraterrestrial task force which is trying to rescue humans who have been kidnapped by an alien race called Hunters. The speakers included “Hunters” star Britne Oldford, Special Effects artist Justin Dix, Showrunner […]