“Snow Crash”: HBO Max to Adapt Neal Stephenson’s Seminal Cyberpunk Novel

"Snow Crash": Neal Stephenson's Seminal Cyberpunk Novel Set for HBO Max Adapt Series

HBO Max announced this week that they would be producing a TV series from Neal Stephenson's dystopian gonzo Cyberpunk novel Snow Crash. The story features Hiro Protagonist, a hacker and pizza delivery guy for the mafia. Hiro takes the role of cyberpunk street samurai very seriously. In cyberspace, he's a godlike superhero. He befriends Y.T., […]

Disney and Redbox Settle Digital Code Argument

Disney and Redbox Settle Digital Code Argument

Disney and Redbox have been arguing over digital rights to the studios films for a couple years now, and surprise, surprise- Disney won. Redbox has agreed to never sell digital codes for Disney films found in their combo pack releases. The legal battle began two years ago, when Disney found out that the kiosk service […]

Disney + Only Hours Old, Already Experiencing Growing Pains

Does Disney+ Mean It's "Dead Media Walking" for Blu-Rays & DVDs? [OPINION]

So I was rooting around the Disney+ streaming service, getting the lay of the land. All the other movie sites were going nuts that Tony Stark's deleted death scene from Avengers: Endgame had finally been released. If you watch it, you'll find that they were right to cut it. It doesn't work. It would have […]

marvel's helstrom

"Marvel's Helstrom": Hulu Series Casts "X-Men" Alum Daniel Cudmore

A liitle less than a month after Hulu and Marvel Studios' reaffirmed their commitment to Marvel's Helstrom with a major casting announcement of names that carry some serious "geek cred" with them (see below), we have yet another name to add to the cast. Daniel Cudmore (X-Men and Twilight franchises, Freeform's Siren) has been cast […]

"The Orville" Season 3: Anne Winters Joins Seth MacFarlane's Hulu-Bound Series

13 Reasons Why star Anne Winters is set to join the cast of The Orville. Set 400 years in the future, the Seth MacFarlane series focuses on the misfits of the Planetary Union's signature ship U.S.S. Orville. It was announced earlier this year that the space-going comedy/action series was making the move from FOX to […]

high fidelity

"High Fidelity": Zoe Kravitz Series Reveals Preview Image, Hulu Premiere Date

Now that actress Zoe Kravitz's (Big Little Lies, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) spin on a whole new generation of Top 5 lists has finished swapping streaming homes within the Disney family, Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka's (Bull, Ugly Betty) updated Hulu romantic comedy series High Fidelity is offering viewers their first look at Kravitz in full DJ mode. With the 10-episode […]