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The Flash Year One Starts Running in May

In a shocking event that is sure to send ripples of envy throughout the world of comics journalism, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston has obtained and posted the full DC Comics May solicitations catalog before they’ve been “officially” released. “It’s gettin’ bloody harder to sneak into the DC Comics offices while dressed as a potted […]

Flash #50 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

The Flash #50 Review: A Genuinely Good Finale

Flashes Barry Allen and Wally West are chasing Zoom, aka Hunter Zolomon, through all of time. He has left the 25th Century in desolate and defeated the Justice League. That only leaves Barry Allen and Wally West to bring down the corrupted speedster. Meanwhile, Kid Flash is the only one who can save Iris Allen […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of July 11th, 2018: Superman Begins Anew

Wednesday draws near, and that means it’s time for another installment of Comics for Your Pull Box. We have a ton of major releases this week, but here at Bleeding Cool we are going to try and narrow it down to the absolute must-haves and must-tries. Here is the link to the full Comic List […]

The Flash #49 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

The Flash #49 Review: Revealed! Both Flashes Are Faster Than Superman

The Flash and the Flash are racing around the world at increasing speeds. Wally West wants to break into the Speed Force, believing that his children from another timeline are trapped within. Barry Allen isn’t so sure and is worried that his protégé is repeating his own past mistakes that led to the Flashpoint. Meanwhile, […]

The Flash #48 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

The Flash #48 Review: Wants You to Know it Has Emotions, and It’s Right This Time

Wally West has been snatched from the timestream by Hunter Zolomon, aka Zoom. He has shown Wally the life and world he once had before the Flashpoint, and he even explains Barry Allen’s responsibility in that event. Elsewhere, Barry Allen, young Wallace West, and Iris Allen are being held by Commander Cold and the Renegades. […]

The Flash #47 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

The Flash #47 Review: A Clumsy Start to ‘Flash War’

Older Wally West and Barry Allen are still on edge with one another when the Renegades, a future-based law enforcement organization based upon the Rogues of Central City, arrive to arrest Iris West for the murder of Eobard Thawne. Barry wants to talk it out and discern what is happening, but Wally is ready to […]

The Flash Annual #1 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

The Flash Annual #1 Review: Underwhelming and Overly Padded

In the future, the murder of Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse-Flash, is being investigated. In the present, Flashes Barry Allen and Wally West as well as the Kid Flash Wally West have reunited to bring down the villainous Top. After the fight, Barry and young Wally let it slip that Iris killed the Reverse-Flash, but […]

Flash #36 cover by Barry Kitson and Hi-Fi

The Flash #36 Review: Murder at Iron Heights

ry Allen returns to his job at Iron Heights to find that a murder has been committed. An inmate has been killed by an unknown assailant, and the Central City CSI has taken over the investigation. Unfortunately, it’s Iron Heights, so a majority of the inmates would easily be capable of something like this. Plus, […]

The Flash #33 Review: Loosely Strung Together And Too Fast Moving

*Ties into the Dark Nights: Metal crossover The Flash and Steel just sent Superman into the Dark Multiverse to search for our Batman. The legions of Barbatos are aware of their actions and send the Devastator and the Murder Machine to attack the two heroes. Cyborg is struggling to keep in contact with Flash, Steel, […]

The Flash #27 Review: A Superspeed Smackdown Of Epic Proportions

Finally, I get to talk about the comic of my absolute favorite DC superhero: Barry Allen, AKA the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. I mean, I’ve gotten to talk about both Wallys, Barry in Green Arrow issues, and I even did an editorial praising a small detail that made a huge difference in Mark Waid’s […]

Secret Squirrel

Dan Didio Shows Us His Winter Stash, With Secret Squirrel By Howard Porter

Apparently continuing the Hanna Barbera re-imaginings that have proven a hit for DC, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio shared an image on Facebook that would seem to tease a brand new one to come: animated rodent super-spy Secret Squirrel. Because everyone loves rodent themed heroes in comics, these days. The art, depicting the character in his […]

Music To Watch Howard Porter’s Original Superman Art By

Bleeding Cool has told you that Howard Porter is on Superman as John Romita Jr heads off to a Batbook. Well, Porter has been testing the waters with Action Comics. He showed off a little of the original artwork while suggesting a theme tune. Action Comics 44 pg 19&20 when you look at these pages […]

John Romita Jr Leaves Superman For An Exciting New Project…

Yesterday, I told you that Justice League 3001 artist Howard Porter was coming on to the Superman ongoing series. I thought, as a guest artist for an issue or two. Not true. He is the new ongoing artist for Superman, for now at least. But what of John Romita Jr? I understand, despite some scurrilous […]

Howard Porter, Drawing The Superman Ongoing Comic?

Okay, so it may just be for a few issues. But I understand that Howard Porter, the current artist on Justice League 3001 will be drawing the ongoing Superman comic for DC Comics. Presumably while John Romita Jr takes a well deserved break. I really like Howard Porter’s current work. I also think he’s rather […]

The Bleed 2.16 – Reading Men Of Wrath With Howard Porter of Justice League 3000

By Joseph Kyle Schmidt and Samuel Morse The Bleed is a weekly podcast by Bleeding Cool contributors Joe Schmidt and Sam Morse. The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion. This week we’re lucky to have the supremely talented Howard Porter! He just finished a run on Justice League 3000 and is already […]

They’re Putting The Band Back Together Again – Justice League 3000

Okay, there are spoilers below, specifically for today’s issue of Justice League 3000. But if there are any fans of the DeMatteis/Giffen ere of the Justice League who aren’t picking up this title – what the hell is wrong with you? For a start, Howard Porter is doing the work of his career. But that’s […]