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Frank Miller’s The Fixer: Year One

The Fixer is the name of the Batman-replacement lead in Holy Terror. I got in an argument about that book in Phoenix Comic Con. I believe that it’s a remarkable modern day comics work that plays with the medium to its full extent to deliver an incredibly impactful story. Not everyone agrees. But what I […]

The Rumour Awards 2011: Controversial Comic Book Of The Year

12. The Infidel #1 got its moment in the sun, courtesy of Nightrunner appearance in Batman (see below) as The Daily Show made mock of this comic book created in the shadow of 9/11 that took a rather negative view of Muslims and Islam – with a comic-within-a-comic seeing a superhero dressed in pigskin fighting […]

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror Hit An Amazon Speedbump

Amazon.com recently withdrew Frank Miller’s Holy Terror from sale. Was it over criticism of Miller’s politics in the book? Was it over fear of reprisal from incendiary religious extremists? Was it Warner Bros believing that the similarity with Batman and Catwoman is too obvious? Not a bit of it. Talking to publishers at MTV Geek […]

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror Vs New Teen Titans: Games

Two weeks ago, DC Comics published New Teen Titans: Games, a hardcover graphic novel by Marv Wolfman and George Perez we have been waiting twenty years for. One week ago, Legendary Comics published the comic that DC was going to publish several years ago, Frank Miller’s Holy Terror – which once upon a time would […]

Graphic Novels Years In The Making Top Diamond Charts In September

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, originally planned a decade ago as Batman: Holy Terror, as a response to the attacks on the World Trade Center, is the best selling graphic novel through Diamond Comic Distributors in September. And second is Marv Wolfman and George Perez’ New Teen Titans: Games, which was started twenty years ago and […]

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror Gets A Rather Red Poster – Plus First Five Pages

This is the rather bloody poster and print ad being used by Legendary Comics to promote the upcoming Holy Terror graphic novel by Frank Miller, as The Fixer takes on Al Qaeda. Out in September, as close to a certain anniversary as possible, obviously. Here are the first five pages and a video preview. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZg4UOB2uCk[/youtube]

Violent Video Trailer For Frank Miller’s Holy Terror

This trailer for Holy Terror, the sometime Batman vs. Bin Laden comic that never was and never will be, having transformed forever into something about “The Fixer,” sells the violence, not the politics. Or, at least that would be the case if this kind of violence wasn’t inherently political. Anyway, it looks angry. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZg4UOB2uCk[/youtube]

Preview: Frank Miller’s Holy Terror

Courtesy of the LA Times, screencaps from a video now offline and the LA Times again here’s a look at some of the art to Holy Terror by Frank Miller, published in September from Legendary Comics. And some images when it still had Batman in it…

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror Gets A Tag Line

As the mainstream entertainment media finally caught up with last week in announcing Frank Miller’s Holy Terror from Legendary Comics. But one thing they didn’t give, was the tag line. “Empire City Is In Peril. A Whole Lot Of Folks Need Killing”. Diamond Previews courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. Check out their Klaus Janson […]

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror From Legendary Comics In September

This is what happens when a publisher hires Bob Schreck. You get Frank Miller. When Bob was hired to head up Legendary Comics, the publishing subsidiary of Legendary Pictures, it was only a matter of time. Originally Holy Terror was to be Holy Terror Batman by Frank Miller. But when DC fired Bob Schreck over […]