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Project Bluebook

HISTORY's 'Project Blue Book' Reboot Revisits Well Worn Territory [Review]

HISTORY latest series Project Blue Book is the latest in the science-fiction family of shows that revolves around a partner team setting out to uncover unexplained mysteries. The team will of course be comprised of one skeptic and another individual who is more open to alternative explanations. Chris Carter's X-Files is of course the benchmark at this […]

Knightfall Releases First Image of Mark Hamill from Season 2

Remember when we let you know that galactic treasure Mark Hamill was joining the cast of HISTORY's crusade drama series Knightfall? Today, HISTORY released a first look image of series star Tom Cullen alongside a very Anthony Hopkins-lookin' Hamill in complete makeup and costume: So that's Hamill as Talus, a battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran of the Crusades, who survived […]

HISTORY's 'Knightfall' Gets Renewed, Mark Hamill Joins Cast

HISTORY is renewing its Templar-based drama series Knightfall for a second season, surprising some viewers but delighting fans. This renewal doesn't come so much as a shock, but more a "what took you so long" type of thing. There is also the reveal that a certain Jedi Knight will be joining the cast in season 2 […]

michael hirst vikings

'Vikings' Creator Says the Show Is a Grown-Up Game of Thrones

HISTORY's Vikings just went on hiatus in the middle of season 5 (don't worry, this is their planned mid-season break), and left us all wondering, "what next?" A good drama series does this to its viewers often, and Michael Hirst is no stranger to this method. The series creator, showrunner, and head writer (no, really — he's written […]


The Weekly Static s01e23: Watchmen, Rockwell, Doherty and More!

Welcome back! It's The Weekly Static, so that's what you call us. That or – uh – "His Weekness", or – uh – "Weeker," or "El Weekerino," if you're not into the whole brevity thing. But first? I need you to look me in the eye and put your hands on top of the table […]

Vikings's Michael Hirst Adapting De Niro/Reno Spy Thriller Ronin to Series

Vikings creator and showrunner Michael Hirst (The Tudors) is hanging out the shingle on his new independent production company, and first up on its production plate is a series adaptation of the 1998 spy thriller Ronin. Formed in conjunction with longtime producing partners Morgan O'Sullivan and James Flynn, Green Pavilion Entertainment was formed to "develop and produce high-end […]

Tom Cullen knightfall

'Knightfall' Star Tom Cullen Talks Crusaders and History

History Channel sure has been branching out into scripted drama territory. What once started with Vikings continues with Seal Team Six and the newest series, Knightfall. The first episode of the series centers around the fall of the Templar's last stronghold city in the Holy Land Acre, where the Holy Grail is lost during an attack and subsequent retreat. […]

Ivar the Boneless Battles Heahmund in New Vikings Clip

Really, you're NOT ready for the amount of butt kicking that's gonna happen in season 5 of Vikings on HISTORY. Audiences got a small taste of it when the series returned last week for a two part premiere, but episode 3 titled "Homeland" sets the tone. Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) son of the late […]

Vikings Season 5 Premieres Tomorrow, So Let's Catch Up

History Channel's epic adventure series Vikings comes back tomorrow night for its fifth season. Originally, this was going to be the very last for the show, but the network opted to bring it back for another. Sources can't seem to agree if this happened because of the outpouring of love and support for the show witnessed […]

Vikings Alex Hogh Andersen

Ivar The Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) Talks Vikings Season 5

History Channel's Vikings has given audiences some pretty incredible characters and performances. From Travis Fimmel's rockstar swagger heavy King Ragnar Lothbrok to Katheryn Winnick's force of nature mother-shield maiden-Queen Lagertha and Gustaf Skarsgard's maniacal visionary Floki, it seemed there could not be yet another person of larger-than-life status. That is, until show creator and writer Michael […]

Vikings season 5

'Vikings' Unleashes Valkyries In First Trailer For Season 5

The History Channel knows what they've got with their drama series Vikings, thankfully. After previously announcing that Season 5 would be the final for the show, they took it back and picked up Michael Hirst's raiding epic for a 6th season. The first half of Vikings Season 5 is set to premiere on November 29th, and thanks to […]

oj simpson

OJ Simpson's White Getaway Bronco To Be Featured On Pawn Stars

Entertainment Weekly reports that a certain infamous car (which, ironically is very boring to look at when not on national television) will be returning to the medium that made it famous. That's right, OJ Simpson's White Bronco will be featured on the History Channel's Pawn Stars in an episode to be aired on August 14th. The car's current […]

Max Brooks' Harlem Hellfighters Heads To History Channel Thanks To Will Smith's Overbook

Harlem Hellfighters, the fact-based graphic novel from World War Z writer Max Brooks and artist Caanan White. has been picked up by Overbrook, the production banner of Will Smith, James Lassiter and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and will be made into a limited-series for the History Channel. THR.com is reporting that Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio, who wrote San […]

'Vikings' Season 4, Episode 15 Recap & Review: All His Angels

Vikings is a series that's never been shy about killing off its characters, with a nearly Game of Thrones-level of nonchalance. This week was no exception, and while the fate of King Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Frimmel) has long been expected by fans of the History Channel's first scripted series, there had always been the hope that the series writer Michael Hirst would give us more time.

50 Years Of Star Trek Documentary To Air On History Channel

On August 14th, the History Channel will be airing a two-hour documentary, 50 Years of Star Trek. It includes interviews with cast and creators including one of the final full length interviews of Lenoard Nimoy. The late actor shares memories and stories from the five decades he was associated with Mr. Spock and the U.S.S. […]

Vikings Season 4 Trailer Debuts At Comic-Con

The History Channel showed off the trailer for the fourth season of Vikings today at SDCC. The remaining 10 episodes of season four is slated to premiere this Fall. The series is from creator and sole writer Michael Hirst.

Alien Con Is Coming To California Thanks To Ancient Aliens

The History Channel and Cosmic-Con have teamed up to create Alien Con starting this October 28th-30th in Santa Clara, California. The convention is geared towards Ancient Aliens fans, sci-fi buffs and pop culture enthusiasts through special presentations, interactive displays and exhibits, unseen episodes, celebrity appearances, exclusive merchandise and fan competitions. Activities planned for Alien Con include: […]