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Iron Fist

Iron Fist #7 Review: They Should Make A Show About This

Shang Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, has been taken over by the powerful Seer, who has been paid to kill the Iron Fist. Shang is an even more skilled martial artist than Danny Rand himself, and this puts the Iron Fist in great danger of being killed by one of his oldest allies. Danny […]

Luke Cage

Luke Cage #4 Review: Truths Begin To Surface

With Doctor Noah Burstein, the man who gave young Carl Lucas his powers and transformed him into Luke Cage, the Power Man, revealed to be a live, questions Luke Cage has had about the doctor are beginning to bubble to the surface. Luke isn't sure he likes the answers. The Ninth Ward gang prepare for […]


Josh Talks 'Thunderbolts', Part 1: In The Beginning

At last, I am getting around to devoting a series of op-ed/retro review pieces to my all-time favorite comic book series, Thunderbolts. And what better place to start than the beginning, when the Thunderbolts were created by industry veterans, Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley. First appearing in Incredible Hulk #449, the Thunderbolts were a mysterious […]

Iron Fist #6 Review- The Living Weapon And The Master Of Kung Fu

As his plane lands in Vancouver International Airport, Danny is still recovering from his time on Liu-Shi. He spots some suspicious figures on the runway, and they attack the plane, giving it a rough landing. Iron Fist busts out of the hull and begins defending the passengers from the assailants. They tell Danny that they […]

Luke Cage #3 Review: The Burstein Mystery Takes A Turn

Frankie Corello has gone mad and killed his father. Now, in Luke Cage #3, he's turned his sights on Luke Cage and Warhawk. Even if Luke can survive the fight, there are a lot of things he still needs to figure out about the mystery of Dr. Noah Burstein's alleged suicide, and a lot of things aren't […]

Mike Colter And Finn Jones Roundtable Interview: The Greatest Bromance In The Making

Interview courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Kaitlyn Booth. Ahh, Luke Cage and Iron Fist right next to each other, joking with each other, and just chatting. I mean, yeah, it's Mike Colter and Finn Jones, but still, it's Luke Cage and Danny Rand, the greatest dynamic duo in comic books. Don't give me that Batman and Robin crap or even […]

Iron Fist #5 Review: A Masterpiece Of A Kung Fu Comic

After surviving two more challengers, Iron Fist and the Rabbit of Holy Flame confront the high council of Liu-Shi on the murder of Hark. The two tell them that it was Choshin instead of Danny. However, the Wolf cares little of this affair and only wants to finally challenge the Iron Fist in one-on-one combat. […]

Luke Cage #2 Review: Slow, A Little Confusing, But Stays Enjoyable

Continuing the New Orleans adventures of Marvel's greatest superhero is Luke Cage #2 by David F. Walker, Nelson Blake II, and Marcio Menyz. Having just been saved by the known-killer Warhawk, Luke Cage wakes up to find the villain offering his aid. Warhawk views Luke as something of a brother since they both went through […]

Iron Fist #4 Review: A Grand Homage To Kung Fu Flicks

Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins' Iron Fist is a fantastic palate-cleanser after the misfire that was Marvel's Iron Fist Netflix series — while I don't think it's as bad as many say, I do feel that the series could have been a lot better. In Iron Fist #4, Brisson shows a great comprehension of what this […]


Finn Jones And Mike Colter Talk 'Heroes For Hire' Dynamic

Luke Cage and Iron Fist are a legendary pair in the comics known as the Heroes for Hire. However, Luke Cage and Danny Rand might exist in the same universe now but they haven't met yet but they will this August in Marvel's The Defenders. We got to see them interact a little in the […]

Are You Ready For Luke Cage? A Few Trades To Help You Out

If you're looking at the upcoming Marvel's Luke Cage and thinking, "Hmmm, I really don't know that much about the character." Then perhaps this list will help you. Here are five trades you can read to get a good idea who Powerman was and is. And if you didn't know he used to call himself […]

When Captain America Saved A Cat From A Burning House – But Couldn't Save His Dog

So Batman and Captain America rescued a cat from a burning home, before firefighters arrived. It happens. Catch this report; That's Bleeding Cool reader Troy Marcum in the Captain America suit of Heroes For Hire, or H4H. They dress up as superheroes for kids events, but Troy is a disabled OEF/OIF/Operation Unified Response Haiti (surgical […]

99 Cents For Rucka Punisher And DnA Heroes For Hire On ComiXology

It's just hit Britain, America is less than five hours away, for Marvel's latest ComiXology Sale, the Greg Rucka-launched Punisher #1-9 and the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning more-female-focused and widespread Heroes For Hire #1-12 coming through at 99 cents or 69 pence each, for Friday.

Will Brian Bendis And Mike Deodato Give Us A New Heroes For Hire (Spoilers)

Yesterday, as the final issue of Brian Bendis' New Avengers, and his final Avangers issue full stop, was published, Bendis tweeted; hey Avengers fans! that was fun! 232 issues of crazy! is my last page hinting at a new book by me and @mikedeodato ?? — BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (@BRIANMBENDIS) November 28, 2012 Well we […]

Wednesday Comics Reviews – Heroes For Hire #1 and The Unwritten #21

Of late Abnett and Lanning have specialised at Marvel in the cosmic books, carving out an entire sub imprint and generating an audience for their dark space opera seemingly from nowhere. Heroes For Hire is the very opposite of that, super powered people selling their wares to the nearest bidder for their own personal reasons […]