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Watchmen #1-3 Original Art Covers Sell For A Total Of $216,892.50

The original cover art for Watchmen issues #1-3 by Dave Gibbons have just sold for a total of $216,892.50 at Heritage Auctions. The cover of issue #1 sold for $155,350, the #2 cover sold for $38.837.50, and the #3 cover hammered at $22,705.00. The Watchmen 12-issue series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons from 1986 […]

Who’s Got A Spare Half Million For A Detective Comics #27?

Coming to Heritage Auctions — a copy of the first appearance of Batman, Detective Comics #27 in 6.5 CGC condition. Could get half a million, slated to be auctioned off on February 21st, it already has a bid close to a quarter of a million… Also on the block is John Romita Sr’s Amazing Spider-Man […]

Highest Graded Copy Of X-Men #1 Goes For Record $492,937.50

With the world’s best collection of Silver Age Marvels up for grabs, a great group of Golden Age books from the Empire Comics Collection also available, and Marty Shamus’s collection of key 1990s art including the Todd McFarlane cover of Spider-Man #1 on the block, we’ve been telling you that the current Heritage Signature auction […]

For Sale: The World’s Best Collection Of Silver Age Marvel Comics

The vintage collecting community has been salivating this morning as word has spread that Doug Schmell of pedigreecomics.com, widely known as one of the most avid collectors of high-grade Silver Age Marvel comics in the world, is selling his painstakingly-assembled collection.  Most of the comics in the collection are the highest graded copies (or tied […]

The Dark Knight Rises, And Rises: Batman #1 CGC 9.2 Sells For Record $850,000

Over the past few months, we’ve talked quite a bit here about how key first comic book appearances of Avengers team members have been going for record prices — less than 2 weeks ago, Bleeding Cool told you about a Tales of Suspense #39 (the first appearance of Iron Man) going for $375,000, for example. […]

Watchmen Page One Sells For $33,460

From an anonymous internet bidder, the first page of Watchmen has sold for $33,640. 21 bidders and no reserve. This is the highest a Watchmen page has sold for to date. And you know what? I think it’s a good investment. It arguably formalised a new language to comics, and showed people what could be […]

Six Figures For Page Of Frank Miller Original Art

This was probably as good a time to sell as any. The original art for the cover to Daredevil #188 by Frank Miller, featuring Daredevil caught in a web from the Black Widow (as seen in the recent Iron Man 2 movie) has just sold at auction for $101,575, a truly staggering sum for a […]