First Tintin Cover Art by Hergé Bidding Passes $1 Million at Auction

First Tintin Cover Art by Hergé Bidding Passes $1 Million at Auction

After making original comic art auction history just last month with the $5.4 million sale of Frank Frazetta's cover painting for Eerie #23, the famous "Egyptian Queen" painting, Heritage Auctions has one heck of a follow-up on their hands with this week's European Comic Art Signature Auction. The headline piece of the auction, Hergé's very […]

Tintin Page Sells For Over $1,700,000 At Auction, Breaking World Record

It had a high estimate of under a million dollars. But the Sotheny auction of comic book artwork and ephemera saw this double page from Tintin And The Sceptre Of Ottokar by Herge sell for 1,563,000 Euros or $1,706,374. This is a world record price for such a double page spread of comic book artwork.   That's a […]

Moulinsart Lose Legal Case Over Tintin Rights

Moulinsart, the company that holds the estate of Hergé, has been lawsuit happy over anyone who tries to use Tintin images anywhere, fair use or not. It's why a number of publications, such as Tintin And The Secret Of Literature are published without Tintin imagery, and why fans have been legally targeted over the years […]

The Tintin Ebola Connection That Makes For A Very Strange Story

By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu Way back in 1976, Peter Piot, a researcher at a lab in Antwerp was a young scientist and was part of the team that discovered the Ebola virus back then in Africa. In a nice, long (and compelling, if that kind of thing's your cup of tea) interview on The Guardian's […]

Herge Tops Paris Auction Of Original Comic Art, With Uderzo And Franquin Not Far Behind…

The rough pencils of a page of Tintin in Tibet by Herge, has been auctioned by Christie's for €289,500  ($400,000) almost double its estimated price while a self portrait sold for €91,500 ($125,000) and a Tintin postcard design for €85,500 ($117,000). While a cover of Asterix and the Soothsayer by Albert Uderzo has sold for at €193,500 ($265,000) a third over its estimated price, while a […]

Casterman To Publish A New Non-Hergé Tintin Comic. In 2052.

Hergé made it clear before he died. There were to be no more Tintin books after his death. And its something that his publisher Casterman has adhered to, until now. Well, until 2052, anyway. Because Tintin will go out of copyright in 2053 and enter the public domain. At which point anyone will be able […]

Tintin Translated Into A New Language. Broad Scots.

Tintin has been translated into over seventy languages. Well now it has another. Broad Scots. It has been translated by Dr Susan Rennie of Glasgow University, who worked from the original French versions..'The Black Island, or The Derk Isle as it now is, will be available in bookstores and Rennie talked about the process on […]

"Hergay" – The Adventures Of Georges And Tchang Finally Published

Remember this story from last year? A graphic novel telling the story of Tintin creator Herge and his gay affair with a young man, Tchang, the model for characters in his books, and an alleged communist Chinese spy? Given the nickname "Hergay", it has now found a publisher, as Georges & Tchang: A love story […]

Tintin: Breaking Free – The Greatest Comic Book Parody Ever Made

Air Pirates. Superduperman. What The–?!. I do love a good comic book parody. Yesterday I was asked by a comic book publisher to write an upcoming parody comic book and it got me thinking as to my favourite comic parodies.I've had a go at a few myself, principally X-Flies, Civil Wardrobe and Watchmensch, but I […]

Tintin Toys Ahoy

Plastoy will be releasing some Tintin action figures in France – ie. where they'll sell by the bucketload. There's Tintin on a motorbike, Tintin with two guns, Captain Haddock with a gun and a sword, and Snowy with a really big bone (I've seen 2001, I know a bone is a weapon too). I guess […]

Hergé's Adventures Of His Chinese Communist Gay Lover?

A graphic novel telling the story of Georges Prosper Remi, better known as Tintin creator, Hergé, and his homosexual affair with a young man, Tchang, the model for characters in his books, and an alleged communist Chinese spy, is having trouble finding a publisher. I wonder why. In France or Belgium this may be considered […]

adventures of tintin poster

Two Tintin Teaser Posters

He walks the Earth. He walks on water. He walks his dog. These two teaser posters for The Adventures of Tintin are big on giving the boy reporter iconic stature, but still play rather coy with details for his facial features… almost like they don't want us to know it's a CG image. Isn't it […]

Spielberg's Tintin Gets His Gun, With No Small Amount Of Irony

You may recall that Steven Spielberg's ET was re-released on the occasion of it's 20th anniversary, extended and somewhat doctored. One of the most infamous alterations involved the replacement of some guns, carried by police, with walkie talkie handsets. Absurd. Now for the irony. The first promotional image for Spielberg's upcoming Tintin movie was a CG […]

The First Tintin Movie Merchandise Is…

Harry Potter has Lego. Pirates of the Caribbean has Lego. Toy Story has Lego. Indiana Jones has Lego. Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's Tintin has… Meccano. Hurrah! Frank Hornby invented this construction kit toy in 1901. It's a build-your-own-industrial-revolution-in-a-box, all nuts, bolts, mini-girders, gears and pulleys. It probably fueled enough youngsters into a love of Engineering […]