Henry Flint

Judge Dredd and Mecha-Farm Animals from Rebellion March 2018 Solicits

2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine continue their runs in the upcoming March of 2018 by Rebellion. Each has a slew of writers and artists, and you can check out more details below. As you can see, the Judge Dredd Megazine has mecha-farm animals. 2000 AD PROGS 2071-2074 2071 on sale 7 March 2018 2072 on sale 14 March […]

Bargain Of The Day: 2000AD’s Trifecta On Kindle For $2.10/£1.29

It was 2000AD’s event of last year, from three separate creative teams that no one realised was an event until it was too late. Trifecta, three stories, three conceptual concepts, one conclusion. It was epic. By Al Ewing, Simon Spurrier, Rob Williams, Simon Coleby, Henry Flint, D’Israeli and Carl Critchlow. And now it’s all for […]

Anderson And Dredd Are The Brain And The Brawn In Dredd: Underbelly

Timothy Carson writes; Written by Arthur Wyatt and drawn by Henry Flint, Dredd: Underbelly serves as a comic tie-in/continuation for the 2012 film adaption of the same name (minus the “Underbelly” part), which starred Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the movie – and while I don’t think rushing out to the […]

As Dracula Rises Once Again, Heracles Flint Fights To Save Us On Kickstarter

Nick Moore writes for Bleeding Cool: I’ve grudgingly had to accept that my 20 Batman films, 10 Superman movies, and numerous TV shows, comics, and other tales based on favourite licensed characters, are never going to get made.  I can however, thanks to Kickstarter set myself the goal of bringing to life a brand new universe of adventure […]

Judge Dredd/2000AD Are Taking over the World by Autumn According to SDCC

Hannah Means-Shannon writes for Bleeding Cool: Hosted by Douglas Wolk, the Judge Dredd/2000AD IDW panel brought out a fleet of artists, editors, and writers included Ulises Farinas, Duane Swierczynski, Chris Ryall, Ben Smith, Keith Richardson, John Higgins, Michael Molcher and Henry Flint to a crowded room with plenty of impromptu applause from fired up readers. […]

Preview: Spirit Of Hope

I’ve written a short one page piece with artist Mike Collins for the upcoming Spirit Of Hope anthology from Comic Book Alliance, to raise money for victims of the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Edited by Alan Cowsill, Spirit of Hope has two covers, one by Jimmy Broxton, the other by Mike Allred. Creators […]