From Hellblazer To Constantine – Translating The Source Material

Over on DC Entertainment’s website, they posted this video with the cast and crew of the NBC series Constantine talking about the Hellblazer comic book and going from the source material to live action. I also wanted to remind folks that Constantine has not been cancelled, only stopped after the first 13 episodes so the […]

Constantine Halted At 13 Episodes But Not Cancelled

On Friday the cast and crew of NBC’s Constantine were told that the production will be stopped after the initial 13 episode order that it received. But the series is not cancelled and is in strong contention for a second season. The show has been gaining audiences since its initial airing with it being up […]

Constantine, The Newcastle Crew And Hellblazer #1 In To Hell And Back

In their To Hell and Back segments, the producers of Constantine go behind the scenes of the latest episode with interviews. This week focuses on A Feast of Friends as we meet Gary Lester from the Newcastle Crew and the hunger demon he tried to capture in a bottle. The particular episode, written by Cameron […]

Karen Berger Says That He’s ‘Not The Real Constantine’.

We haven’t heard too much from Karen Berger since she left DC Comics, where she had worked for decades, running the Vertigo imprint and forming it in her own image. And she had been at the birth of John Constantine in Swamp Thing. So when Slate published an article about the state of the character […]

Constantine Premiere Extended Look

NBC has put out an extended sneak peek at their new series Constantine that premieres this Friday. The series stars Matt Ryan (Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior) as the titular anti-hero made popular in the DC / Vertigo comic series Hellblazer. Like some of the other comic book based series to debut this season, Constantine had […]

First Look At Zed In Constantine And Preview For Trust

After the pilot was made for Constantine, some changes were made that included replacing the character of Liv (Lucy Griffiths) with a character from the comics Zed (Angélica Celaya) who is John Constantine’s former lover. Having seen the pilot, am looking forward to the change as I just didn’t think Liv fit into the Hellblazer universe… […]

Constantine First Look With Matt Ryan, David Goyer And Daniel Cerone

NBC has released a first look at the premiere of their new series Constantine based on the DC Entertainment comic Hellblazer. Matt Ryan (Constantine) and executive producers David Goyer and Daniel Cerone break down who Constantine is and how he may not be likable, but some times he’s exactly who you need. Constantine will air […]

Michael James Shaw Added To The Cast Of Constantine

Late yesterday, USA Today got word that Michael James Shaw will be joining the cast of NBC’s freshman series Constantine. Shaw will play Papa Midnight, the voodoo king of New Orleans. Shaw is a relative new comer having done a hand full of short films to date. He will be joining Matt Ryan (Constantine), Charles […]

Changes For Constantine Already – Goodbye Liv, Hello Zed

Whether you’ve seen the leaked version of the Constantine pilot or not, the news that a series regular is already being written out is a little disturbing. If you have seen the pilot you know how important she appeared to be to the series going forward… but news from HollywoodReporter.com is that Lucy Griffiths is […]

TV’s John Constantine Doesn’t Smoke

Smoking isn’t just an incidental character trait of John Constantine in his DC comics incarnation. Without spoiling anything for young readers – really, anybody can be 23 years behind publication if we’re being fair, and I’m still angry about the original Planet of the Apes‘ DVD cover – let’s just say that John’s habit is […]

Are You Missing Hellblazer? Here Comes Thomas Alsop

Boom has made a bit of a habit of deconstructed takes of Big Two archetypes we all know and love. They made their first big splash in the industry with Irredeemable, which is basically “What if Superman went crazy?”. This year they published Loki: Ragnarok & Roll where Loki is kicked out of Asgard and joins […]