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New ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Trailer: Action's Perfect ‘Odd Couple’

New ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Trailer: Action’s Perfect ‘Odd Couple’

Two of the most charismatic characters of the Fast and Furious franchise show us again why they make the perfect action odd couple in Hobbs and Shaw. Dwayne Johnson, ever the shameless self-promoter, announced the latest trailer for the first Fast & Furious spinoff film. In video game-like fashion, Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason […]

First Trailer For “Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built” Is Here

No Supernatural fans, we don’t mean THOSE Winchesters.  We mean Mrs. Sarah Winchester, the matron responsible for the most haunted mansion in the California Bay Area.  In San Jose California you can visit the aforementioned Winchester Mystery House, built by the real Mrs. Winchester for her niece.  Believe in the occult and otherworldy spirits or not, you […]

Helen Mirren Is Doing Fast & Furious 8

Celebrated actress Helen Mirren confirmed that she has a role in Fast & Furious 8. Mirren told Elle Magazine: I’m about to doFast and Furious 8. But that’s for the fun of it. She was asked if she was a fan of cars: Well, yes. I’ve always rather loved driving. I said, ‘I’ll be in […]

Trumbo Pushes Back Against The Hollywood Blacklist In New Trailer

Trumbo stars Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston as screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Writer of such films as Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, he was called to testify before the House Unamerican Activities Committee in 1947. Refusing to answer charges, Trumbo was convicted of contempt of Congress, imprisoned and placed on Hollywood’s blacklist of talent no longer welcome within […]

Ryan Reynolds And Helen Mirren Fight For The Woman In Gold

Looks like Ryan Reynolds is trying something a little more serious as he stars opposite of Helen Mirren in Woman In Gold. The film tells the true story of an Austrian woman fighting to get back her family’s art that was stolen by the Nazi’s in World War II. The film debuts in April 3rd. […]

Red 2 Cast List Adds Catherine Zeta Jones And Byung-Hun Lee

As Red 2 gets set to enter production, Lionsgate have announced two new additions to the cast and neither of them fits the Retired and Extremely Dangerous profile – which is to say, they’re relatively light on wrinkles and dark of mane. Byung-Hun Lee, whose previous Western movies number the GI Joe films, in which […]

Here Comes Red 2 – Who’s Back And Who Hit The Sacks?

The first Red was a pretty nifty adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner‘s comics, with plenty of credit due to screenwriters Erich and Jon Hoeber for their added inventions and fairly tidy reshaping. But the not-at-all secret weapon were the cast who seemed to be having the time of their lives, and this was […]

Helen Mirren Says She’s On For Red 2 Next Year

I can imagine that rounding up ensemble casts for the sequel to a sleeper hit* is a tricky, and expensive business. As Red 2 comes together, Summit will be having hijinks, working out new deals with several stars of the first film, their busy schedules and sharp agents. It would be inconceivable that they’d proceed […]

New Trailer For Batman And Robi… Er… Arthur, With Russell Brand

Scripted by Bleeding Cool favourite Peter Baynham and loaded with proven comedy performers, the remake of Arthur seems more than likely to please. Indeed, I have it on good, if slightly biased authority, from somebody who has seen it that it’s really very funny.* Amongst other things, this second trailer for the film shows Arthur’s […]

Swipe File: Russell Brand’s Head And Russell Brand’s Head

The poster changes, yet the head remains the same. I shared two posters from Arthur earlier on today. Here’s another way of looking at them – a way that highlights just how useful one picture of Russell Brand’s head can be. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIdVR8_eEes[/youtube] In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other […]