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“Batman”: Aaron Eckhart Says Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix Set Performance Bar

“Batman”: Aaron Eckhart Says Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix Set Performance Bar

Aaron Eckhart loves sharing advice to other among the Batman film family. He played Harvey Dent/Two Face in The Dark Knight (2008), the second of director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.  Regarded as the best live action Batman film, Eckhart feels a bond whenever an actor enters the Batman world. Eckhart spoke to Entertainment Weekly while promoting […]

The Patriot

For The 4th Of July – Everything Wrong With The Patriot

Cinema Sins has decided to celebrate the 4th of July by going back and finding Everything Wrong with the Patriot. The Roland Emmerich directed film from 17 years ago stars Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joely Richardson, Jason Isaacs, Chris Cooper, Rene Auberjonois, Adam Baldwin, Donal Logue and Tom Wilkinson… which is a pretty amazing cast […]

Heath Ledger’s Joker In Script-To-Screen Video From Legendary Pictures

Legendary Pictures has started releasing a series of script-to-screen videos, breaking down important scenes from popular movies along with the actual script. They previously did the cafe scene from Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, and now they are doing the Penthouse Party scene from the Dark Knight where Heath Ledger‘s Joker crashes the party […]

Jared Leto Joker Vs Heath Ledger Joker In Latest Minute Match Up

Ismahawk has released their new Minute Match Up video and this time it puts Jared Leto’s take on the Joker from Suicide Squad up against Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. This is the same group that brought us Green Arrow vs Hawkeye and The Flash vs Quicksilver. Personally, I think Jack Nicholson could’ve […]

The Joker: Dark Knight Premium Format Figure From Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles has sent over some information about their new The Joker: Dark Knight Premium Format Figure. Sulpted to look like the late Heath Ledger, whose portrayal of The Joker in the Dark Knight won him an Academy Award. This piece runs $499.99 and features a tailored fabric purple suit, his trade mark playing card and […]

Christian Bale Thinks He Never Quite Nailed The Batman

While talking with Yahoo! Movies (via Comic Book Movie) about his new film Knight of Cups, former Dark Knight Christian Bale reveals he “didn’t quite nail” the twisted character he envisioned for his Batman while playing the part in the Dark Knight trilogy. And, as he explains in the following video, he thought Heath Ledger‘s […]

Things To Do In Birmingham This Weekend If You Like The Joker

By Olly MacNamee Comics4Causes, the fledgling comic book based charity working out of Nostalgia and Comics here in the heart of the Midlands are at it again this weekend, teaming up with Millennium Point’s Big Screen to offer an enviable double bill that puts the Clown Prince of Crime’s cinematic outings in the spotlight in […]

Batman Vs. Superman: Golden Age Duality During the Great Depression

By Ryan Michael Both of DC’s flagship characters were introduced to the public towards the tail end of the Great Depression. Over the decades, both have experienced change, adaptation and evolution. Through it all, they’ve managed to hold readers attention as the comic book medium itself evolved and expanded into a global marketing phenomenon. The […]

The Top Five Batman Villains Of All Time?

By Brandon Engel One of the most memorable things about any Batman franchise ever created, are the villains. Some are quasi-anthropomorphic. Some are permanently disfigured. All of them favor spandex. In light of the recent announcement that the series from the sixties (which featured Adam West in the titular role) will finally be released on […]

Some Unused Footage And Alternative Takes From The Dark Knight Pop Up Again

I had never seen any of these clips of deleted Dark Knight footage before, but I know they’ve done the rounds. However, I’ve been e-mailed the link a good dozen times in the last day or so, which makes me pretty sure lots of other folks haven’t seen the video either. In that spirit, let’s […]

Is Heath Ledger To Return As The Joker In The Dark Knight Rises? – In A Word, NO

This old rumour is rearing its ugly head again. According to the generally rather credible Stuff, Chris Nolan is considering the use of unused footage from The Dark Knight in The Dark Knight Rises, giving Heath Ledger another big screen outing in the guise of The Joker. Stuff’s unnamed source has apparently suggested that CG would […]