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“Bloo Kid 2” Drops Onto Nintendo Switch This Friday

Headup Games and Winterworks dropped news over the weekend that Bloo Kid 2 would be making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch. The old-school platformer will be headed to the console this week as they will release it digitally on November 18th. You can read a little more on it and check out the trailer […]

"The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters" Gets A New Live-Action Trailer

“The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters” Drops Into Early Access This Week

Headup Games and Devespresso Games have officially unleashed The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters into Steam’s Early Access this week. The full game isn’t slated to be released until sometime in Q1 2020, but for now, you can delve into the visual horror novel. We have the launch trailer and a proper description for you below. […]

"The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters" Gets A New Live-Action Trailer

“The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters” Gets A New Live-Action Trailer

Headup Games along with Korean developer Devespresso Games released a new live-action trailer today for The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters. The previous trailer have been a little creepy, but this one puts a little life into the game, and just before Halloween, too. The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters will be released on Steam in Q1 […]

Headup Games Brought "Everreach: Project Eden" To PAX West 2019

Headup Games Brought “Everreach: Project Eden” To PAX West 2019

We had a chance to quickly visit with our friends at Headup Games during PAX West 2019 as we got to play a little of Everreach: Project Eden. Developed by Elder Games, this is an action RPG that was giving us some serious Halo vibes the minute we sat down and played it. The game […]

“Vambrace: Cold Soul” Gets A Release Date For All Consoles

Headup Games and Devespresso Games announced today that Vambrace: Cold Soul will be getting a proper release on all three consoles. The game will be published by Chorus Worldwide for Xbox One on August 28th, while Headup will publish for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on August 29th. All three versions will be digital and […]

Vambrace: Cold Soul Receives a New Launch Trailer

Headup Games has released a brand new launch trailer for Vambrace: Cold Soul before the game comes out on Tuesday. Their strategic roguelike adventure game has been getting some decent buzz, but we’ll finally see it released on May 28th on Steam and GOG. Enjoy the trailer as well as the finer details below! In Vambrace […]

Vambrace: Cold Soul Receives a New Story Trailer

Devespresso Games and Headup Games have released a brand new story trailer this week for Vambrace: Cold Soul to promote it’s May release. The upcoming roguelike RPG adventure will have you assembling a party with different characters bringing different traits and powers to the table to do battle and change the fate of all involved. […]

Kids Hinder Our Progress in Fromto at PAX East 2019

Kids Hinder Our Progress in Fromto at PAX East 2019

Another cool game we got to try out at PAX East this year from Headup Games was an animated title called Fromto created by Studio Erikson. The entire game was created by the game’s creator and his kids as they provided the art and he supplied the means to make it go. This is a […]

Roguelite and Alone As We Tried Colt Canyon at PAX East 2019

While we were at PAX East we spent some time with Headup Games, and the first title we got to see from them was Colt Canyon. This particular game looks like an old-school Atari throwback as you will play a cowboy in the middle of a western landscape who’s partner has been kidnapped and you […]

Dead End Job is a Ren and Stimpy Style Bullethell

Dead End Job combined the chaotic gameplay of a procedurally generated twin-stick shooter with graphics reminiscent of 90s cartoon Ren and Stimpy. Players take on the role of Hector Plasm, paranormal exterminator, and use his trusty vacuum pack to suck up ghosts after shooting them with a plasma blaster. While Hector is an expert in his field, […]

Headup Games’ Silver Chains has A Lot Going For It

Headup Games was at GDC this year to show offthe first-person horror game Silver Chains, which, like many games in the genre, has a strong emphasis on narrative and exploration. With a side of jump-scares. The demo build at GDC had the player searching for clues and solving puzzles in an abandoned house. The official description […]

The Textorcist Receives an Announcement Trailer

Headup Games has released a new trailer this week, formally announcing their latest game, The Textorcist, coming to Steam in Q1 of 2019. It looks like the company has been sitting on this one for a minute since the trailer has a loading date on YouTube of mid-November. This is a text-action adventure game where […]

Headup Games Releases a New Trailer for Grimmwood on Steam

Headup Games released their co-op MMO game Grimmwood on Steam this week, and to mark the occasion and get your attention on the game, they’ve released a new trailer. The game is actually pretty cool as every night, monsters will come and attack your village, and you use what resources and actions you created during the day […]

Bridge Constructor Portal art

Bridge Constructor Portal Will Be Getting a Physical Release

Today it was revealed by ClockStone Headup Games the Bridge Constructor Portal will be receiving a physical release that contains more content. While the digital version is around $15, the physical copy will be released for PS4 and Xbox One for $30. On top of the primary game, they will also receive Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Stunts, so you’re basically […]

Portal Over Troubled Waters: We Review Bridge Constructor Portal

Crossover games. They’re the Jetsons Meet The Flintstones version of interactive media. When you get two cool time-killing games like Bridge Constructor and Portal together to form their own game in the aptly titled Bridge Constructor Portal, one would expect awesome things to come from this. Right? I mean, how can you possibly screw this […]

Slime-San Escape Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Headup and Fabraz are ecstatic to show off the action-platformer Slime-san on the Nintendo Switch. And as you can see above, this is definitely a bit of a weird title, even for the Switch. In Slime-san you can jump and slime your way through 100 levels in a unique 5-colored, pixelated world and escape from a giant […]