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Hasbro Marvel Rising Line 42

Let's Take a Look at Hasbro's Marvel Rising Line

Marvel Rising has gotten quite the buzz, and Hasbro is answering the call with a new line of dolls and figures featuring characters from the animated shorts and comics. This is a female-centered line, and the different offerings reflect that. The line reminds one of the DC Superhero Girls line from Mattel, but with noticeable […]

Marvel Rising Gets a Toy Line From Hasbro

Marvel Rising toys are on their way from Hasbro! Dolls, role-play items, there is a little bit of everything here. Ms. Marvel , Squirrel Girl,  Spider-Gwen (Ghost-Spider now), Daisy Johnson (Quake), and America Chavez are the main focal points here, with Inferno and Patriot also tagging along. All of these dolls and role-play items will […]


Marvel Legends MCU 10th Anniversary Red Skull with Tesseract Coming to SDCC

Marvel Legends collectors will have a busy SDCC this year. The second exclusive has been revealed, and it is a MCU 10th Anniversary figure pack containing Red Skull and a light-up Tesseract! Both will come housed in premium packaging. This is the same Marvel Legends Red Skull being individually released, just without the weapons and […]

NERF Star Wars Captain Phasma Blaster 1

NERF And Star Wars Go Together Extremely Well!

NERF or nothing! Man, I haven't played with NERF products forever. But thanks to the fine folks from Hasbro, myself and my little padawan spent all of Force Friday weekend chasing each other around, taking turns blasting each other and various things around the house with the new Captain Phasma Blaster that hit shelves with […]

SDCC Exclusive Daredevil 12 inch Figure 18

Daredevil Joins The Marvel Legends 12-Inch Line, And We Welcome Him With Open Arms

Daredevil is not one of the characters I would have thought to be joining the Marvel Legends 12-inch line right away, but on further thought, why wouldn't he be? Arguably, the character's profile has never been higher with the success of the Netflix show The Defenders hitting this week (and the comic hitting shelves as well) — […]

Hasbro Transformers Trypticon 25

Trypticon Transformers Titans Return Figure Eats His Way Into Our Hearts

Trypticon won a fan poll when Hasbro asked which of three Titans should be redone between himself, Scorponok, and Omega Supreme, and it is well-deserved. He had not seen an updated version since his original release in 1986. This new Trypticon is the biggest Decepticon Hasbro has ever made, and I managed to get my […]

asbro Revolution SDCC Set 1

Revolution From IDW And Hasbro Gets An Awesome SDCC Figure Mega-Set

Revolution, the cross-over event from IDW involving all of the various Hasbro properties from last year, showed all of us what a shared universe with all of them would look like. Hasbro has been working diligently to bring them all together in film-form as well, but for now we have the Revolutionaries title coming monthly, […]

The Ultimate 12 Inch Daredevil Figure Is Coming To SDCC Courtesy Of Hasbro

Hasbro's line of 12-inch Marvel Legends has had an interesting year, that's for sure. Given a ton of fan-fare at last years SDCC during their Marvel presentation, initially when the first wave hit shelves they were tough gets. That lasted about a month, and then they were everywhere. I myself walked into a Walmart and picked […]