Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope

Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Now Has More DLC Packs

Natsume is looking to give you as many options for marriage as possible in Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope, along with some other items you might want to throw into the game as the company is setting up four new DLC packs for the game. Aside from the season pass that will cost you $10, the developers […]

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope's Special Edition Coming to Consoles in May

Natsume Inc. revealed this week that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will finally be making its way to consoles, as the game is set to be released for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch in May 2018 for $40. The Special Edition will contain the original version released on Steam in 2017, along with special features that will […]

I Got Me A Moo-Cow! Visiting With Natsume At E3!

Natsume was in full force this year at E3 with a booth that a lot of Nintendo fans just kept hanging around. And with good reason as they had a number of games to show off this year. First, we were treated to a pair of River City titles on the 3DS: River City: Rival Showdown […]