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"The Flash" Takes Up a "License to Elongate" in Bond Sendup [SPOILER REVIEW]

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) continues his long goodbye on this week's episode of The Flash. In "License to Elongate," we get a silly, James-Bond-inspired caper that very perfectly matches the tone and skillset of Dibney, Ralph Dibney (Hartley Sawyer) aka The Elongated Man. All of this wraps into Barry's continued attempts to make sure that […]

Elongated Man

Hartley Sawyer Stretched to Series Regular for The Flash Season 5

The best edition to The Flash this year is coming back for more as Hartley Sawyer has been promoted to series regular for season five. Sawyer's Ralph Dibny aka The Elongated Man made his debut in the fourth episode of season four as one of the "bus metas" that had an unpleasant past with Barry […]

The Flash Season 4: the Most Surprising Moment of the Season

We're moving on to take a look at the most surprising moments in the recently concluded (except for Supergirl) seasons of the big superhero shows. Each show has multiple surprise moments, some bigger than others, but I'm judging based on how much the surprise affected the series, a single character or was just out of […]

Elongated Man

The Flash Season 4: Ralph Dibny, the Best New Character of the Season

Now that most of The CW series have wrapped up for the season, I'm going to go through and analyze the shows for various things like best individual issue, comparing big bads, main character arcs, etc. Kicking it off with best new character, starting with The Flash. This one is pretty easy and was the […]

We Are the Flash

The Flash Season 4 Finale Recap: We Are the Flash

This article contains spoilers for The Flash season 4 finale, 'We Are the Flash'. . . . . . The season finale opens with Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) at Jitters ordering a coffee while calling Barry (Grant Gustin) to let him know that because of the blog Iris (Candice Patton) has been writing, the Mayor […]

Run, Iris, Run

The Flash Season 4, Episode 16 Recap: Run, Iris, Run

This article contains spoilers for The Flash season 4 episode – 'Run, Iris, Run.' We start off the sixteenth episode of The Flash season 4 with a bank robbery by an O.G. Meta (someone who got their powers from the particle accelerator explosion) named Erik Frye (Oliver Rice), who has the ability to cause fire hot […]

Subject 9

The Flash Season 4, Episode 14 Recap: Subject 9

This article contains spoilers for The Flash season four episode 'Subject 9'. With the series returning from Olympic hiatus, we pick up with Barry (Grant Gustin) newly out of prison and heading back to work, where Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) tells him that he is on indefinite leave. It seems some people, including the new […]


Flash Season 4: Ralph Dibny Versus the Eco-Friendly, Carb-Counting Bomber

While the Flash is away… serving a life sentence… Ralph Dibny will play. In a clip from tonight's episode, The Elongated Knight Rises, we get to see the still unnamed Ralph (Hartley Sawyer), helping out Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and the CCPD with a hostage situation. With Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in Iron Heights […]

The Flash Season 4: The Rise of the Elongated Man and the Return of Prank

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is in jail. There's no new Flash this week… but there is an episode of The Elongated Man! Okay, it's still The Flash, but the episode is called 'The Elongated Knight Rises' and it features the stretchy superhero taking on the second Trickster (Devon Graye). Todd Helbing, executive producer, takes us […]

Elongated Man

The Elongated Man Gets His Official Super Suit

I was just saying this morning that with next week's episode of the Flash being called The Elongated Knight Rises and it focused on Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), that perhaps this will be when he gets his official superhero name and costume rather than the gray onesie and misshapen mask he's been wearing. So, of […]


The Flash: the Best Episode of 2017

2017 was a banner year for comic related television series. The number of shows currently in production seems mind-boggling compared to just a few years ago when the Flash first debuted in 2014. And while the show is the best performer on the CW, fans had been complaining about the darker, more serious tones that […]

Flash season 4

The Flash Season 4: Catch Up On The Season Before The Crossover

With the Crisis on Earth-X crossover event taking place starting Monday, the CW has decided now is the time to catch up on episodes of Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow. You can watch all of them on the CW App on your mobile device or on CWTV.com. And they make a valid point, […]

Ralph Dibny

Flash Season 4: Don't Expect To See Sue Dibny This Season

This morning I was checking my Facebook feed and I saw a thread of people talking about the costume we saw for Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) in the trailer for next week. They were hating on it like it wasn't supposed to look horrible. I don't think Cisco (Carlos Valdes) actually likes Ralph so it's […]