Rock Band 4 Gets An Electrifying Launch Trailer

Rock Band 4 is back today, after taking somewhat of a hiatus. It’s good to see the music rhythm genre back, and at least in Rock Band 4‘s case, it is instantly recognisable. This is what this new launch trailer is trading on too. Everything here will look instantly familiar, and I think that is […]

Get A Look At The Entire Rock Band 4 Set List

Rock Band 4 is pretty close to being upon us, and soon we will see if the market is ready for the reintroduction of instrument based rhythm games. It’s going to be pretty interesting to see play out, after the genre fell apart a few years ago. Finally, we know all the songs we will […]

Rock Band 4 Adds The Cure, Judas Priest, Foo Fighters And More To Set List

Rock Band 4 is coming back this year, and after going hands on with it, I have to say, it absolutely is what you remember. If you miss the franchise, this is that formula with a few extra tweaks for a new generation. The game’s setlist is currently growing with each announcement, and I remind you […]

Updated: Rock Band 4 Not Coming To PC Partially Because Of Piracy Concerns

Rock Band 4 has been pleasing fans since it was announced adding multiple incentives to invite fans of the rhythm game back. What with it being able to use all your Rock Band 3 DLC and old instruments in this revival, Harmonix are really bending over backwards to please fans here. There is one community […]

Your Old Instruments Will Work With Rock Band 4

Now this really is a surprise to me. As if the fact that you can import all your previous Rock Band 3 DLC into Rock Band 4 wasn’t enough, Harmonix have to pulled another huge feature out of the bag. Despite being Next Gen only, Rock Band 4 will be compatible with older instruments from […]

Take A Look At The First Confirmed Tracks For Rock Band 4

While Rock Band 4 is supposedly going to launch with all the DLC you purchased in Rock Band 3, the game will also hit stores with a its own setlist. While Guitar Hero Live has been slowly rolling out its song list, up until now Rock Band‘s has remained a mystery. That is until now. […]

So What Actually Goes Into Making A Rock Band Song?

Harmonix are hard at work bringing back their flagship series with Rock Band 4, set to launch later this year. The game will let you play with all of your Rock Band 3 DLC, on top of adding new songs to the mix. That means you could potentially be starting the game with hundreds of songs ready […]

Harmonix Say Your Old Guitar Hero Controllers Will Be Usable In Rock Band 4

At some point, you have tonwonder when a company is offering almost too much. When Rock Band 4 was announced, it came with the news that not only will all your DLC carry over from Rock Band 3, but so might all your old instruments. That makes Harmonix’s new Rock Band and inticing offer. However, […]

Rock Band 4 Could Be Even More Immersive In The Context Of VR Says CEO

Hypothetically, if VR were to take off, one of the really interesting possibilities would be seeing what existing franchises did with it. Could we get some kind of Gears of War, The Last of Us or Halo experience inside of a VR headset, that put us in those environments? Existing in these franchise could be very […]

Make Your Own Song Requests For Rock Band 4

There have been multiple times I’ve wanted a song on Rock Band that just never happened. For some reason Untitled 8 by Sigur Ros has never turned up, nor has any Ben Folds. (Granted, now the keyboard is out of the next game, that one may be harder.) It seems like there might be hope for […]

Rockband 4 Has Been Officially Announced For This Year

Rumours of Rock Band 4‘s release have been circulating for a few weeks, but today those have all been laid to rest. That’s because they’re all true. Harmonix announced that the game is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. Crucially though, if you bought tons of DLC songs on Rock Band 3, all your […]

Report: Next Generation Rock Band Is Currently Being Worked On

There isn’t tons to go on or report, but the central news here could be massive. Yes, it looks like the rhythm band genre could be on the way back in. Bloomberg have reported that a new generation of Rock Band could be on the way. According to “a person familiar with the plan”, a PlayStation […]

Harmonix Might Be Considering An Entirely New RockBand

Rock Band seems to be showing unexpected signs of life of late. Last week, Harmonix unexpectedly added three new songs to Rock Band 3, a game that hadn’t been touched in two years. The developer mentioned that designing those songs was like riding a bike, no matter how long you are away, you always remember how […]

Weirdly, Rockband Will Get 3 New Songs Tomorrow

I’ll be interested to see if any major developer will dip their toes back into the peripheral necessary music genre this generation. My feeling though, is that it was a craze that died in the last generation. It really was a unique flash in the pan that grew up, reached critical mass and then died […]

Remembering Rock Band – One Year Later

By Joe Cammisa It was just over a year ago, back on February 18th, 2013, that Harmonix announced they would be ending their weekly DLC releases for their Rock Band titles. It was an announcement that many saw coming, but nonetheless was still quite shocking to have confirmed. April 2nd marked the final release with […]