Big Solicitation Change For Thor By Jason Aaron Vol 4 Hardcover Solicit

This is how Thor By Jason Aaron Vol 4 was solicited in Marvel's January 2020 solicitations THOR BY JASON AARON VOL. 4 HC Written by JASON AARON Penciled by STEVE EPTING, RUSSELL DAUTERMAN, VALERIO SCHITI, JAMES HARREN, MAHMUD ASRAR. JEN BARTEL, RAMÓN PÉREZ & MORE Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL ON SALE MAY 2020 The death of the Mighty Thor! Jane […]

Pepe Larraz's Cover for the House Of X/Powers Of X Hardcover

Here's a look at Pepe Larraz's new cover for the House Of X/Powers Of X hardcover, hitting comic book stores on December 11th, and bookstores on December 24th. A two week lead for the direct market, handy in the run-up to Christmas. That's the standard cover, while the Direct Market-only version not available to bookstores […]

Marvel Comics to Publish Steranko is Revolutionary! King-Size Hardcover

Marvel Comics to Publish Steranko is Revolutionary! King-Size Hardcover

The King-Size hardcover range from Marvel Comics are extraordinarily over-sized hardcovers, that take up much of the comic book shops that sell them. Around twenty-two-inches high and fourteen inches wide, it's hard to miss them in stores. Created and named to celebrate the work of Jack Kirby, they have published three volumes of his work […]

House Of X/Powers Of X Hardcover Jumps a Hundred Pages and Another Ten Bucks

House Of X/Powers Of X Hardcover Jumps a Hundred Pages and Another Ten Bucks

The House Of X/Powers Of X collected hardcover lined up for Christmas may be slightly heavier on the wallet than expected. But also heavier in the hands. Collecting House Of X #1-6 and Powers Of X #1-6, the series by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva, Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva has been a critical and commercial hit. […]

DC Collects All of George Perez's Wonder Woman in an Omnibus, Then His Superman

DC Comics Collects George Perez's Adventures Of Superman in Hardcover

We mentioned that DC Comics was upping its ante when collecting Wonder Woman in May 2020, ahead of the June release of the Wonder Woman 84 movie. May will see the previous announced Wonder Woman: War of Gods Omnibus Hardcover collecting his big crossover event. But it's not the only big George Perez collection in […]


Bolivar Tips The Scales In Its Favour For Kids Book Of The Year

To be short, because you'll want me to be: if you have kids, Bolivar should be bought. To be long, if you are a human being with young humans that you look after and care for there is a children's comic book by Sean Rubin published by Archaia called Bolivar, and it really should become a purchase that you make […]

IDW To Publish The New Bloom County Strips In September, Announced At WonderCon

IDW had previously announced that in September they'd be collecting those new Bloom County Webcomics that Berkeley Breathed has been doing for the past year. Peter S Svensson, writing from WonderCon for Bleeding Cool, tells us that IDW announced that they will be releasing a print softcover edition in September for $17.99, printing the strips for the first […]

Richard Corben Self Censors His Rat God?

A few noticed some minor changes in the recent Dark Horse collection of Richard Corben's Rat God out this month and from issue 2 of the series as published back in March. But what was the origin? Ironically, Bleeding Cool is censored in what it can and cannot show. But the level of censorship changes from one version […]

Dan Abnett's Rocket And Groot Novel Cancelled In Paperback?

Last summer saw the release of the first Guardians Of The Galaxy prose novel, Rocket Raccoon And Groot Steal The Galaxy by Dan Abnett, the writer who helped popularise the comic series in readiness for its movie adaptation. But for those waiting for the paperback, bad news. Yesterday, retailers were informed that it had been cancelled and […]

Spider-Verse Hardcover Glitches On Amazon UK For £17.67

Last September, Bleeding Cool pointed out that the Amazon US listing for the upcoming Spider-Verse Hardcover had glitched, down from $75 to $30. It's now at a more modest discount of $50. Today it's Amazon UK's turn. The listing has the wrong standard price listed of £25.99 and the discounted price brings it down to […]

Opening The Taschen Marvel And Little Nemo Books Under The Christmas Tree

So I got an early Christmas present. The Taschen editions of 75 Years Of Marvel and Winsor McCay's Little Nemo. That's right, under the Christmas tree. They are big, Really big. But how to get that across? Why, to film me opening them… and then my children trying to lift them up. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wShh4KepUYo[/youtube] If you […]

Figment Hardcover Delayed Not Cancelled

Peter S. Svensson still writes for Bleeding Cool. Retailers may have noticed that the upcoming Figment Hardcover, collecting the acclaimed multiple-printing miniseries by writer Jim Zub and artist Filipe Andrade, which had been set for a December release, was listed by Diamond as cancelled. Fear not! Writer Jim Zub had this to say on his […]

Amazon Glitchwatch – Spider-Verse Gets Even Glitchier

Recently Bleeding Cool pointed out that the Amazon solicitation for the Spider-Man: Spider-Verse crossover collection was a bargain, 620 pages in hardcover down from a price tag of $39.99 to $30.44 even though the actual price was $75. We figured things would get sorted out soon but people might nab a bargain before that happened. […]

Original Sin Hardcover Jumps In Price By 50% – But Can Glitchwatch Save It?

The hardcover collecting Original Sin will no longer be $49.99 as solicited, but $75. retailers are being given a week to adjust their orders, but they might consider making an advance order from Amazon instead. The collection is currently listed at a discounted price reflective of the original, not the changed price, at $33.90. At […]

Amazon GlitchWatch: Spider-Verse Hardcover – 620 Pages For $30?

Here is an Amazon listing of a hardcover collection of the Spider-Verse crossover, out in April next year. It s over 600 pages long. But for some reason it is listed on Amazon as having an RRP of $34.99, discounted to $30.44. A book of that length would usually cost considerably more. In comparison, Avengers […]