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Artist Quinn McGowan Talks #WildfireWednesday Season 5

INTERVIEW: Artist Quinn McGowan Talks #WildfireWednesday Season 5

Last Wednesday marked the launch of Season Five of the webcomic Project Wildfire, called Smoke On The Water. Project Wildfire is the brainchild of United States Marine Corps veteran turned self-taught comic book artist Quinn McGowan. A veritable Renaissance man — he’s performed on hip hop stages opening for KRS-ONE, worked as a tattoo artist, […]

Comics Meet Hip-Hop as Vince Hernandez Sponsors Lord of the Mic: LA MC Battle

Comics Meet Hip-Hop as Vince Hernandez Sponsors Lord of the Mic: LA MC Battle

While many enjoyed a long weekend in honor of a slain civil rights leader, one group of comics and music professionals gathered to establish supremacy and have fun while celebrating a major accomplishment. Long time Aspen comics editor Vince Hernandez blew the doors off of the Kickstarter campaign for his supernatural hip-hop themed comic, Siria: […]

EXCLUSIVE ART: Joe Illidge and Hannibal Tabu headline MPLS Sound from Humanoids

EXCLUSIVE ART: Joe Illidge and Hannibal Tabu headline MPLS Sound from Humanoids

Veteran comics editor Joe Illidge (Milestone, Valiant, A Wave Blue World) and writer Hannibal Tabu (2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt, 2019 City of Los Angeles Cultural Trailblazer) joined together to create a journey through a formative time in American musical history. Publisher’s Weekly revealed some details about a new original graphic novel from Humanoids called […]

REVIEW: Justice League< #37

REVIEW: Justice League #37 – “Less Of A Tragedy And More Of A Mystery”

(DC Comics, creative team: Scott Snyder, Jorge Jiminez, Alejandro Sanchez, Tom Napolitano) This book is terrible. Let’s start there, so there’s no misunderstanding about what’s happening here. In this issue, the amassed forces of an evil goddess who created everything, an army of goons at the command of Lex Luthor and the will of pretty […]

REVIEW: Die #10

REVIEW: Die #10 – “A Steady Hand On The Wheel”

(Image Comics, creative team: Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, Clayton Cowles) The basic premise of a group of childhood friends sucked back into the magical and often deadly activities of their childhood is well-bolstered here by a story of struggle between two of their number. Working together for a singular plan, everything hinges on the ability […]

REVIEW: Star Trek Year Five #8

REVIEW: Star Trek Year Five #8 – “Well-Earned Emotional Payoffs”

(IDW Publishing, creative team: Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Stephen Thompson, Charlie Kirchoff, Neil Uyetake) There is a whole lot happening in this issue, with thrilling spaceborne action, well-earned emotional payoffs for things that have bee developed through previous issues. As this storyline draws nearer to the circumstances of the 1979 motion picture, you can see […]

Hannibal Tabu Makes His Move to Bleeding Cool

Hannibal Tabu on Making His Move to Bleeding Cool

The comic book industry got its first taste of Hannibal Tabu’s writing nineteen years ago when he was asked to write reviews by the editor of ecommerce website NextPlanetOver, a gentleman named Eric Stephenson. Tabu had written reviews for MTV, AOL, Vibe, The Source, Sci Fi Universe and numerous other publications since the early 1990s. […]

Hannibal Tabu of "The Buy Pile" Joins Bleeding Cool, Today

Hannibal Tabu of “The Buy Pile” Joins Bleeding Cool, Today

I’m not sure if this is an intentional policy of Bleeding Cool to gather the voices in comic books that most annoy comics industry figures all in one place – but if so, it’s working. Today, Bleeding Cool is proud to announce that Hannibal Tabu, formerly of CBR’s The Buy Pile for the past thirteen […]

Scoundrel #4 cover by Dug Nation and Josephine Roberts

Scoundrel #4 Review: A Predictable yet Satisfying Finale

Hector’s debauchery reaches an all-time high as his drug use intensifies, he parties every day, and this is all done without the safety net of the family business. Inevitably, he runs out of money, and he must rely on his loyal friend Gus to get him out of this jam, but can even Gus handle […]

Scoundrel #2 cover by Dug Nation and Josephine Roberts

Scoundrel #2 Review: Irresponsible Racing Habits and Cinco de Mayo

Hector Hernandez participates in the Long Beach Grand Prix where a dramatic accident takes place midway through the race. Afterwards, we get a view of how his work clashes with his developing relationship with Catalina. All the while, Big Taco prepares for their Cinco de Mayo festival food truck. This issue of Scoundrel puts Gus […]

Scoundrel #1 cover by Dug Nation and Josephine Roberts

Scoundrel #1 Review: Decadent, Debauched, and Driven

The year is 1981. Hector Hernandez is the heir to a California-based restaurant chain called the Big Taco. His parents died in an accident with a drunk driver, and he and his brother inherited the company and the fortune. Hector, along with his neurotic best friend Gustavo, plans on enjoying this fortune to its fullest. […]

irrational numbers

Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #1 Review: Irrational, But Sadly Quite Conventional

In the time of Greek Antiquity, there was a great mathematic philosopher who algebra students would damn in the millennia following named Pythagoras. A student of Pythagoras, named Zalmoxis, loved his teacher so much that he wished to save him from death. Zalmoxis created the curse of Vampyrism to save Pythagoras, but he rejected this […]

Wondercon ’15 – The Writers Journey – ‘Finish What You Start’

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Moderator and host Eisner nominee Brandon Easton, who has worked on ThunderCats and the Andre the Giant biography, assembled a knowledgeable group of individuals to share their experiences in the panel titled The Writer’s Journey: Breaking into Comics and Hollywood Scriptwriting. Joining Easton was Tony Puryear (Concrete […]

Aspen Comics Celebrates Black History Month With Website And Social Media Campaign

Throughout the month of February, Aspen Comics will be celebrating Black History Month by pointing the spotlight on Black creators with whom they’ve collaborated. This will occur three times a week on their website, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, along with the creator’s picture. Put together by Fathom: Sourcebook writer Tabu, there will be a showcases […]

Aspen At San Diego Comic Con – Cosplayer Cards, Hannial Tabu And Kids Fathom Comics

Announced at yesterday’s Aspen panel at San Diego Comic Con… Aspen’s  2014 series Lola XOXO returns in 2015 with  Lola XOXO: Volume 2 by creator Siya Oum, as well as an all new spin-off mini-series Lola XOXO: Wasteland Madam written by Vince Hernandez (Damsels in Excess) and illustrated by Oum. Lola XOXO: The Wasteland Madam […]

Preview Of Artifacts #35 By Top Cow’s 2012 Talent Contest Winner

Here we’ve got a first look at Artifacts #35 by one of Top Cow‘s 2012 Talent Contest Winners, Hannibal Tabu. Art and cover for this issue was done by Nelson Blake II and with later pages by Michael Avon Oeming. The book will hit the shelves on Wednesday Feb 26th. Mercenary Michael Finnegan just can’t catch a […]