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‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Will Have No Story Arc In Single Player

On the surface, it seems like a no-brainer. Friday The 13th: The Game is based off a horror film series that has memorable characters, famous locations, a plot that gets more convoluted as you continue through each sequel; it’s practically made to be turned into a video game. Much the same way Rockstar took a […]

The “Virtual Cabin” Explained For ‘Friday The 13th: The Game’

If you’ve been playing Friday The 13th: The Game, you’re probably aware of the Virtual Cabin where you basically have a museum of your achievements with a bunch of mini-games and other displays to enhance the experience. Well, the cabin is getting a makeover and IllFonic have posted a short message to let you know […]

Looking Over The Latest ‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Updates

If you haven’t been checking out Friday The 13th: The Game over the past few days, you might have missed some of the new additions that came from the developer’s latest patch. Below is a quick list of everything they fixed in the patch, but the two new additions are swimsuits/beach clothing and emotes which […]

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‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Gets A “Camp Map” To Updates

Take a good look at the “Camp Map” below from Friday The 13th: The Game‘s developer Gun Media and IllFonic. It may be super campy, pun intended, but it actually has a lot of awesome content coming down the road. As you can see, three specific updates have already been released since the game was […]

Details Coming Out About ‘Friday The 13th’ Counselor Clothing Update

IllFonic has released new details regarding the Friday The 13th: The Game update that will include new gear for the counselors. The “Spring Break ‘84 Clothing Pack DLC” doesn’t yet have a date, but there are some interesting details about how the system will work and make your counselor of choice both stylish and productive. […]

Single Player Mode In ‘Friday The 13th’ Has Been Delayed

Those of you hoping to take on Jason by yourselves in Friday The 13th: The Game will have to wait a little longer as the single-player campaign has been delayed. A couple days ago on Twitter, a fan asked the game’s official Twitter feed and support feed when they’d be able to play this mode, and the response […]

‘Friday The 13th’ Launches A New Site & New Game Details

IllFonic got everyone’s attention today by revamping their website for Friday The 13th: The Game and gave minor details about some of the content to come. Below is the brief letter the devs put out on the website to spread the news. Welcome to the new F13 website. We will be updating this site regularly with […]

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Cryptic Tweet May Be Signaling A New ‘Friday The 13th’ Character

As we’ve mentioned a couple times this week, Friday The 13th: The Game is going to be getting some new updates that include content with new Jason kills and removing most of the options for team killing. But fan speculation over a new tweet is pointing to the possible addition of a new character. The tweet […]

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Emotes And New Maps On The Way For ‘Friday The 13th’

Along with the news of eliminating the team-killing option from most online play, Friday The 13th: The Game is about to get some new features and additions that might add some excitement and humor to the game after they sucked all the joy out of randomly killing friends. Below are a pair of tweets they sent […]

Team Killing Almost Totally Eliminated From ‘Friday The 13th’

If you haven’t been dealing with team killing in Friday The 13th: The Game, I would argue that you’re either not really playing it, or you’re one of the people who team kill. If you’re not aware of what team killing is, it’s when someone on your side decides that they don’t want you to […]

‘Friday The 13th’ Devs Working On New Kills With Mocap

Some awesome images can be found on Twitter from the Friday The 13th: The Game account as they show off some new kills being filmed with motion capture tech. While the game may be occasionally buggy when it comes to the kills Jason can perform, it should be noted that a lot of the cutscenes for […]

Finally, At Long Last, ‘Friday The 13th’ Gets An Xbox Patch

After all the complaints, all the issues, all the stories, and all the social media about it, Friday The 13th: The Game has finally received a patch to fix many of the problems Xbox One users have been having. IllFonic and Gun Media released the details on the Friday The 13th Facebook page, giving a heartfelt apology […]

Devs Give A Quick Update To ‘Friday The 13th’ Progress On Xbox One

Every single day that Friday The 13th: The Game on Xbox One isn’t fixed, it seems a plethora of fans go online and complain. Granted, they got a right to, seeing as how many of them were Kickstarter backers and everyone else paid for the game like regular people. But until a patch comes out […]

New Easter Eggs On The Way For ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

It looks like llfonic and Gun Media are working hard to make sure you stay interested in Friday The 13th, even though the game is still wildly popular on Steam and on Twitch. One of the items that made the game so popular was the recreation of iconic camp sites from the film, down to the finest details […]

‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Will Not Be Affected By Lawsuit

With all the talk of Friday The 13th: The Game, you may have forgotten that there’s a movie franchise wrapped up in all of this. As we write this, the film’s original writer Victor Miller is currently at odds in one of the most heated battles over a movie franchise ever against producer Sean Cunningham and […]

‘Friday The 13th’ Devs Need Your Help Getting A New Character In The Game

With the success Friday The 13th has seen so far, the team would like to push that success a few steps forward and show off their true love for the horror series. Right now, all the counselors you chose from are generic college-type teenagers that aren’t based off anyone in the series.  But Gun Media […]

The First Free Content Update For ‘Friday The 13th’ Drops June 20

The crew at Gun Media have announced their first official free content update for Friday The 13th: The Game is coming tomorrow, which has some nice surprises behind it. The first and most glorious is this retro Jason costume you see below (designed after Jason from the original Friday The 13th game for NES), which […]

Like A Stalking Jason, The Console Update For ‘Friday The 13th’ Is Coming

Those if you patiently waiting for updates to the PS4 and XB1 versions of Friday The 13th are going to have to keep waiting. Gun Media addressed all the issues with the game’s console ports saying that updates were on the way, however, they were going to be taking longer. There’s really no explanation given […]

The Flaming Jason Skin Will Not Become ‘Friday The 13th’ DLC

I could flip a coin on how to feel about this one because I see both sides of the issue at hand. But Friday The 13th will not be making the “Flaming Jason” skin part of any kind of DLC for the game. There’s been a demand from regular fans of the game to make […]