Guinness World Record

A Guinness World Record For Deadpool? Not So Fast…

We ran this a couple of days ago, but yesterday Marvel Comics sent out a press release about Deadpool #27 getting the Guinness World Record for the most number of characters in a comic book cover. And at first glance that's exactly what they'd got. 236 characters… But there's another comic that also had 236 […]

Deadpool #27 Breaks A Guinness World Record With Its Cover

It's official, it's on the cover and everything, 220 characters on one cover (front and back) wins that Guinness World Record. Do you know what I call that? I call that a challenge. Also, does that could the characters obscured by the logo? Here's a look at the egads, $9.99 comic, out tomorrow.

John Romita Jr's Guinness World Record Attempt: The Press Conference

There were about twenty people at the Heroes For Jordan press conference for John Romita Jr's attempt on his own Guinness World Record for continual sketching and signing. And two of those were from Bleeding Cool, Vincent Santos with his camera, and Emmanuel Moreno. Vincent wrote; John Romita Jr, along with Jordan and her supporters […]