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Mondo 2001 A Space Odyssey Poster

2001: A Space Odyssey Gets 2 New Limited Mondo Posters Today

2001: A Space Odyssey is getting two new posters from Mondo, with both for sale today. As always, the posters are dropped at a random time. The striking posters are by artist Greg Ruth. Check them out below and also Ruth's comments about their creation! "2001 is a tricky film to go for, not because […]

Greg Ruth And David Aja Do New Marvel Prints For Mondo

On January 19th, Mondo will be making available new prints by two fan favorite artists. Greg Ruth (Freaks of the Heartland) has done up two variations of a new Daredevil poster and David Aja (The Immortal Iron Fist) has done two different Scarlet Witch pieces. The Daredevil print will be an 18" x 24" screen print with […]

Pop Culture Hounding Greg Ruth On Indeh

By Chris Thompson [audio:] After last week's epic discussion with Emma Rios, Alison Sampson & David Lafuente at D.I.C.E. (which you can still listen to here), this time I'm back with creator Greg Ruth (Conan, The Lost Boy, Indeh) to finish the discussion we began in Episode 101 and finally talk more about him. If […]

Being Pop Culture Hounded By Greg Ruth Of Conan And The Lost Boy

By Chris Thompson [audio:] How do you follow up the amazingly frank Episode 100 with Scott Snyder (which you can still listen to here)? I really don't know … So instead, I've decided to do something completely different with Episode 101, and get my good friend Greg Ruth (Conan, The Lost Boy, Indeh) to interview […]

Pop Culture Hounding Greg Ruth

[audio:] by Chris Thompson Following on from last week's episode with Adam P. Knave (which you can listen to here) and my recent, curiously related, film podcast (which you can listen to here) I give in to fate to chat with writer/artist Greg Ruth (Freaks of the Heartland, Conan: Born on the Battlefield, The Lost […]

Tr!ckster, The Creator Owned Comic Bar For San Diego Comic Con

There has been criticism of late over the San Diego Comic Con, reflected in The Cleveland Show last night, that it has become less about comic books and more about Hollywood's marketing machine. It's an attitude that I've generally dismissed I believe that San Diego Comic Con is what you make it, there is so […]