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ATLAS Extended-Length Gameplay Trailer

Atlas Receives A New Massive Update Called “Into The Ice”

Instinct Games and Grapeshot Games have released a new update into atlas which makes a ton of changes which they’re calling “Into The Ice”. The developers sent out information about all the addition that will be included in the update, which comes with its own fair share of bug fixes as well. But you can […]

ATLAS Extended-Length Gameplay Trailer

Grapeshot Games Releases an Extended Trailer for Atlas

In case you didn’t get a good enough preview during The Game Awards, Grapeshot Games has released an extended trailer for Atlas. The game is set to go live on Steam this Friday, December 21st, and the devs decided it was about time you got a better look at what you were getting yourselves into […]

In Case You Missed it: Here’s Every Announcement from The Game Awards

In case you were busy last night, or asleep, during The Game Awards, here’s every announcement you missed as well as the award show results. Annapurna Interactive announced Sayonara: Wild Hearts for the Nintendo Switch Journey to the Savage Planet announced by Typhoon Studios and 505 Games The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is coming to Consoles […]

Atlas: A Mythological Pirate MMO by the Creators of ARK Survival Evolved

If dinosaurs in your first-person survival MMO doesn’t float your frigate, why don’t you try commanding your own armada, while dominating the world and fighting for your life against a Hydra! Studio Wildcard is at it again, bringing a massive open world to be conquered. Not only will the Atlas maps be 1,200 times the […]