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Doctor Who Clip With Stephen Fry Airs On Graham Norton

Doctor Who Clip With Stephen Fry Just Aired On Graham Norton (Spoilers)

Jodie Whittaker was a guest on tonight’s Graham Norton Show on BBC 1, alongside Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. And after a bit of Jumanji promo, we got to hear about a brush with a deadly spider when filming Doctor Who in South Africa. With Hart blaming her experience and the lackadaisical attitude towards deadly arachnids […]

Maisie Williams to Host UK "RuPaul’s Drag Race" for BBC

Maisie Williams to Host UK “RuPaul’s Drag Race” for BBC

With the airing of the finale of Game of Thrones, many fans were wondering what was next for series star Maisie Williams. We mean, aside from The New Mutants FINALLY getting a freaking theatrical release. Ugh. Turns out, Williams will be sashaying into guest judging duties for a UK adaptation of USA-favorite reality competition series, RuPaul’s Drag […]

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10 Geeky Things I Want to Do Before I Die — What Are Yours?

I came up with the idea of the F*** It! List almost eight years ago, when I was going through some particularly rough treatment for cancer. For some reason, The Playbook of Awkward Attempts to Make You Feel Better seems to have a section in there that recommends your friends and family bring up the […]

When Benedict Cumberbatch Deliberately Made Himself Look Like An Otter

In 2012, the Red Scharlach tumblr site pointed out just how much of an otter Benedict Cumberbatch was. Well on tonight’s Graham Norton Show on BBC1, they reversed it, finding otters that didn’t look like Benedict Cumberbatch and getting Benedict to look like the otters instead. And yes, Johnny Depp joined in at one point […]

How Professor X Goes Bald In X-Men: Apocalypse, Revealed

On the Graham Norton Show, currently airing on BBC 1, with a guest list including Daniel Radcliffe, Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch and James MacAvoy, we got a tease as to a certain plot point from the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. Noting that Daniel Radcliffe has shaved his head for Imperium, a film where he plays an […]

Lily Allen’s New Album – ‘Sheezus’

Lily Allen has just announced the title of her new album on the Graham Norton Show on BBC 1. Sheezus. And yes it is meant to be a sly reference to Kayne West‘s Yeezus tour. Though as she tweets, It’s an homage, not a piss take. #SHEEZUS

Is Mark Gatiss Writing A TV Drama About The Creation Of Doctor Who?

In order to promote their appearance in a new production of George Farquhar’s The Recruiting Officer, Mark Gatiss and Mackenzie Crook were guests on Graham Norton’s radio show this morning, taking questions from the listeners. Very little of the talk addressed their stage project at all. But what they did talk about is perhaps of […]

Bradley Cooper Gives Graham Norton A Hangover 3 Update

If you tune into BBC One tonight at ten-to-midnight, you’ll be able to catch the last screening of this week’s Graham Norton Show.* His final guest is Bradley Cooper, making his second appearance in under six months. This time he’s there to plug the UK release of The Hangover Part 2 on DVD and Blu-ray. […]

The Amy Pond Status Quo

I’m currently in the midst of investigating a Doctor Who lead we’ve received, and in the process of turning over stones, I’ve been struck by how much Karen Gillan has r ecentlybeen talking about the departure of Amy Pond. Last weekend, Gillan was a guest on Graham Norton’s Radio 2 show. At this point she […]