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Oops! Starlight #5 By Mark Millar And Gorlan Parlov Not Solicited In July

Poor Mark. He doesn't have a lot of luck with solicitations. Kick Ass 2 #1 launched with a bit of a muddle. And now Starlight #5 missed its June solicitations, leading to Diamond to run the listing in an e-mail to retailers. But not to readers… As a result, it is likely that some retailers […]

Buy Your Way Into Mark Millar And Gorlan Parlov's Starlight

Kick-Ass had Dave Lizewski, Nemesis had Blake Morrow and Superior had Simon Pooni. And now Starlight by Mark Millar and Gorlan Parlov could have… you? Again, raising money to take Coatbridge kids to the theatre, a character;s name will be auctioned off. And in this case we can even see how you will be featured in Starlight #3. Coukd that be you? […]

The Starlight Tattooed Granny… But Is She Really? (UPDATE)

When launching Kick Ass, Mark Millar made a film about a real life superhero for YouTube as if inspired by the comic. It was faked. When launching Nemesis, Mark Millar faked an ad for the book on Times Square that wasn't true. When Superior launched he put up a photo showing Barack Obama carrying a […]

The Blonde Starlight Preview That Escaped Into The Wild

A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool ran a story about the preview of Mark Millar and Gorlan Parlov's upcoming Image comic, Starlight. And how between the first preview and the second preview it had been de-Flash Gordoned. About how, in its first announcement it was described as Flash Gordon-meets-Dark Knight. But by the second preview, […]

Has Mark Millar And Gorlan Parlov's Starlight Been De-Flash Gordoned?

Mark Millar talked about his new series Starlight, created with Gorlan Parlov, over at CBR. "Starlight" is my love letter to all the sci-fi serials I was obsessed with as a kid. It's odd, but growing up with older parents I was into all these things nobody else really watched and I was obsessed with […]