Google Glass

The Walking Dead Escape Through Google Glass At San Diego Comic Con

Marq Romero writes, At San Diego Comic-Con I participated in The Walking Dead Escape at Petco Park. I participated in the obstacle course last year as a walker at New York Comic-Con, but this time I was going to actually run the obstacle course as a “survivor” and then later on get zombified to scare people […]

Batman Cape/Cowl/Create Event Through Google Glass

Marq Romero writes, To celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary and the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham Knight, WB Interactive Entertainment held a one-of-a-kind exhibit at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. Acclaimed artists from comics to tattoos to graffiti  gave their take on the iconic cape and cowl. Artists include Zack Snyder (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of […]

The Many Deaths Of Futures End #1 (SPOILERS)

By stint of the book being set five years in the New 52’s future, this is of course a changeable timeline. As Alan Moore wrote in his pitch proposal for Twilight Of The Heroes, which this series draws on significantly, talking about the lessons of Batman: The Dark Knight. It does no damage to the […]

NYCC Through Google Glass: Why Glass Will Be Great For Cons

The following is part of a series of videos by Marq Romero of his NYCC experience using Google Glass.  Like most of you who attended NYCC, I too am going through con withdrawal. Thankfully editing these videos has been helping me cope. Looking back at this past weekend, I have to say Google Glass definitely […]

NYCC Through Google Glass – The Hunt For Rocket Raccoon

The following is part of a series of videos Marq Romero of his NYCC experience using Google Glass. Thursday is usually the day most people go to NYCC to get the Con Exclusives rather than waiting till the weekend to fight through the bigger crowds to get to a booth and wait on line for […]