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Leave the Vault with New Vault Boy Nendoroid from Good Smile Company

“Fallout” Vault Boy Is Here to Guide You from Good Smile Company

Fallout‘s Vault Boy is here fellow wanderer! If you have made it this far then you deserve a reward, I mean you did survive the Fallout after all. Put on your jumpsuit, grab your pip-boy and get out there and join the world once again. Don’t forget to bring your Vault Boy with you though! […]

Enter the Battlegrounds with New PUBG Figure by Good Smile Company

PUBG Figure by Good Smile Company Enters the Battleground

PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS) is one of the modern gaming classics that easily opened the door to that massive wave of Battle Royale series of games. This popularity makes sense to introduce collectibles and figures to the landscape. Good Smile Company is doing just that with a new figma figure of the main PUBG icon The […]

“Devilman” Returns with New Good Smile Company Figma

Devilman returns to markets since his original release in 1995! This classic anime manga character is back again with the original architects behind the figure. The Devilman figma figure is based off the original vinyl figure from 1995, he was originally designed by Terada Katsuya and sculpted by Takayuki Takeya. This time, however, Terada revisits the classic design […]

Miles Morales Has Two New Nendoroid Figures Up For Order

Miles Morales Has Two New Nendoroid Figures Up For Order

Miles Morales has two new Nendoroid figures up for order from Good Smile Company. The regular edition comes with multiple heads and hands, including a masked and unmasked Miles Morales head, along with a web effect of course. The deluxe version includes everything from the regular release, and also includes pieces and outfits to make […]

Aladdin Heroine Princess Jasmine Disney Nendoroid Figure Up For Order

Aladdin Heroine Princess Jasmine Disney Nendoroid Figure Up For Order

Aladdin Princess Jasmine is the latest Disney Nendoroid figure to go up for order. Good Smile Company can release 20 of these a month until the end times and they will all sell. Disney collectors and figure collectors alike are head over heels for these things. Jasmine will be based on her appearance in the […]

Crunchyroll Games will be Co-Publishing Grand Summoners

Crunchyroll Games will be Co-Publishing Grand Summoners

Crunchyroll Games will be co-publishing Grand Summoners, a real-time strategy RPG, alongside the Good Smile Company and NextNinja. To celebrate the new partnership, Good Smile Company and NextNinja are launching a crossover event with Goblin Slayer that will run from June 6th to July 31st. The Grand Summoners x Goblin Slayer event feature three new exclusive […]

Black Panther Nendoroid Collage

Black Panther Nendoroid From Infinity War Up For Order Now

The newest Infinity War Nendoroid from Good Smile Company is Black Panther. Shipping in September, T’Challa will come with full articulation, a maskless head with two interchangeable faceplates, interchangeable hands, slashing effects, a Wakanda base, a horde of Outriders, a flying mini War Machine, and more. He will run you $82.99 and can be preordered […]

Toy Fair New York Banner

ICYMI: Here is All of Bleeding Cool’s Toy Fair Coverage!

Ahh, New York in February. The cold, the wind, the snow. For us collectors however, it is all about the toys! Yes, we once again had a blast at New York Toy Fair in 2019. There was so, so much announced and shown off that you would be excused for missing some of it. Until […]

New York Toy Fair: 60+ Pics From the Good Smile Company Booth

Good Smile Company has really stepped their game up these past few years, and this year was no exception. This may have been the biggest booth I have ever seen them with at any show, and it was packed with awesomeness. The with a focus on multiple licenses like Marvel, Disney, Overwatch, Nintendo, and numerous […]

Good Smile Company Batman Ninja Joker 5

Good Smile Company Batman Ninja Joker Statue Coming Late 2019

Batman Ninja villain The Joker is getting a new statue from Good Smile Company. The statue is in the 1/6th scale, and will be limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide. It features a great sculpt, and is posed on a dynamic base, and can be paired with their earlier Batman Ninja statue to form a […]

Good Smile Company Forth Wall Deadpool 1

Deadpool Breaks the Forth Wall With New Statue From Good Smile Company

Deadpool is getting a new statue from Good Smile Company, and to be honest it may be the best Deadpool statue I have ever seen. Dubbed the Breaking the Forth Wall, the Merc With a Mouth is busting out of the pages of a comic, sound effects and all. This is a rerelease, but painted […]

Hermione Granger Harry Potter Nendoroid Collage

Harry Potter Heroine Hermione Granger Nendoroid Coming 2019

Harry Potter favorite Hermione Granger is the newest Nendoroid figure from Good Smile Company. She will come with three faceplates, a wand, a book, a broom, parts to ride the broom, a hair part, and her kitty Crookshanks! She looks amazing, and is a welcome addition to the line. She will ship in July of […]

Jack Skellington Nendoroid Figure 5

Jack Skellington and Zero Get Their Very Own Nendoroid Figure

Jack Skellington is the latest Nendoroid figure to be announced from Good Smile Company. The Nightmare Before Christmas star will come with his trusty companion Zero, and features three swappable faceplates, multiple points of articulation, a jack-o-lantern, a wrapped present, and most awesome of all, a Santa outfit. Well, a beard and a Santa hat […]

Mickey Mouse Collage

Mickey Mouse Gets Two New Nendoroid Figures From Good Smile Company

Mickey Mouse is turning 90, and to help celebrate Good Smile Company has two Nendoroid figures from the classic Steamboat Willie short on the way. Available as both a color and black and white version, Mickey comes with two face portraits, a couple sets of arms and legs, and a rotating wheel. Both versions look […]

Catwoman Ninja Figma Figure Good Smile 2

Catwoman Ninja Figma Figure Coming From Good Smile Company

Catwoman is the latest Figma figure from Batman Ninja made by Good Smile Company. She will come with two different face portraits, a regular smiling one, and a winking one. Two versions of her whip will also be included: one wrapped around her waist and another that she can hold and extends. Man do I […]

Winnie The Pooh and Piglet Nendoroid Figure 4

Winnie The Pooh Gets a New Nendoroid Figure

Winnie the Pooh is getting a new, very adorable Nendoroid figure from Good Smile Company. This version of Pooh will come with a swappable face plate, Christopher Robin’s note, a balloon, a honey pot, a honey ring that makes him look stuck, and a Piglet! Weird that they consider Piglet an accessory, but I am […]

Good Smile Company Batman Ninja Statue 5

Batman Ninja Statue Coming From Good Smile Company

Batman Ninja is getting a statue from Good Smile Company. Designed by the designer of the character Takashi Okazaki this statue will stand at over 27 inches tall and features a pretty impressive sculpt all around. It will be limited to 1000 pieces and is up for preorder now by clicking here. Take a look at […]

Nendoroid Overwatch Sombra 2

Overwatch Favorite Sombra Gets a Nendoroid Figure

Overwatch fan-favorite Sombra is getting her own Nendoroid figure from Good Smile Company. This one has her classic skin, and will come with two faces, hacking effect pieces, a swappable translucent arm, effect sheets, a translocator, and a boop hand. I swear these Nendoroid figures are getting better and better. This one will run you […]

Monsters, Inc. Fans: Check Out the Adorable New Mike and Boo Nendoroid!

Monsters, Inc. fans will want to pick up this new Nendoroid figure two-pack from Good Smile Company. Two versions will be available: a regular edition Mike and Boo figures only, and a deluxe version that has all kinds of accessories. Those include Boo’s door, swappable arms and legs, and alternate face plates for the figures […]

The Witcher III’s Geralt of Rivia is Getting His Own Nendoroid

It’s been a good week for The Witcher III‘s Geralt of Rivia, as the character has been confirmed as a playable character in SoulCalibur VI and is getting his very own Nendoroid figure from the Good Smile Company. The chibi version of the titular Witcher is actually much more adorable than we would have expected. His scarred, […]