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The First Children of the Atom and the Lost Marvel Comics of the Atomic Age

I’ve been revisiting old comics through the lens of world history lately, and the results are often surprising. We tend to think of comics as being influenced by film, books, and other media, and while they have been, it’s far less true than one might think. The era of the early 1950s, a time that […]

AC Comics June 2018 Solicits

Golden Age Crime and Romance Abound: AC Comics June 2018 Solicits

AC Comics, continuing their tradition of reprinting Golden Age Comics, bring you Golden Age Greats Spotlight Vol. 18 this June. This edition will contain plenty of Golden Age crime and romance comics for your delight. More details below. GOLDEN AGE GREATS SPOTLIGHT #18 Crime and romance comic books aimed at a largely adult audience made up […]


The Highlights From This Week’s ComicConnect Event Auction

Wow! What a week it has been for comic collectors. ComicConnect has had some real heavy hitters in their auction this week, and there has been something for everyone. I myself won a new Archie #1, finally filling the gaping hole in my cold, dead heart. Over the next few posts we’ll highlight some of […]

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100 Jack Kirby Golden Age Covers For #Kirby100

The comic book community and fans and pros everywhere are celebrating the life, creations, and memory of one of its most important creators today. Jack Kirby, born on August 28th, 1917, would have been 100 years old on this day. Kirby died in 1992, but to say that his memory lives on might be the […]

The Powerful Popularity Of Superhero Comics During World War II

For the most part, I’ve met some amazing people in the comics world. Almost every person I’ve met — be them from podcasts, TV, Overstreet, and even here — has been pretty awesome. But once a week or so I’ll get an angry email or tweet or whatever message via social media — from a […]

Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Wonder Woman Comics?

Wonder Woman, in a word, is timeless. The character recently celebrated 75 years of being in the pop culture forefront, and finally has her own solo movie on the way. Wonder Woman debuted in All Star Comics #8, which has recently seen a surge in popularity. According to the Overstreet Price Guide, a good copy […]

Lauren Looks Back: The First Four Disney Films.

Talking mice, daring princesses, and timeless stories. Walt Disney created a legacy, and left his mark on pop culture world wide. His earliest animated pieces are some of my personal favorites, from Oswald to Sleeping Beauty. His early Alice shorts are fascinating to watch, as he combined live action with animation, a feat that hadn’t […]

World Of Archie Double Digest Magazine: The Snowpocolypse Hits Riverdale

World of Archie Double Digest Magazine 65 Various Archie’s digest and double digest books were always my favorite as a kid. They were much more durable than the regular comics, and obviously you got more bang for your buck. A normal staple in the digest is a new story to open, followed by a mix […]

Roy Thomas Tells The War Years Of Batman, Superman And Wonder Woman

Ex-Marvel EIC and veteran comics writer for Marvel and DC, Roy Thomas, has written three new volumes for Chartwell Books. Each details one of the DC Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and their contemporary stories relating to World War II, compiling select stories with commentary and analysis. Go take a look. Golden Age reprints of […]

Big Things Come In Tiny Packages – Matchbook Comics

Brian John Mitchell writes for Bleeding Cool: So… I make comics the size of a pack of matches.  They’re kind of my thing. Telling stories in 40 panels that harkens back to the Golden Age when comic stories were self-contained & only 4-6 pages long.  Stories that are a mix of fun & tragedy & […]

Jonathan Ross And Tommy Lee Edwards Part Ways On The Golden Age

I understand that Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards‘ upcoming comic The Golden Age, about superheroes in retirement, will not be going ahead as planned. But it will be going ahead. They both worked on Turf, Ross’ first comic, published by Image, and then serialised in CLiNT Magazine. The Golden Age was to have been […]

DC Comics Liquidates Hundreds Of Archives And Showcases

DC Comics are throwing out a whole bunch of trade paperbacks and hardcovers from their warehouses. But they are letting retailers clean up at massive discounts first. So don’t be surprised to see a lot of the stock below in your local comic store in the very near future. And then never ever again… ABC […]

Sunday Trending Topics: Alan Scott

The big news story of the week continued on Sunday: Well, at Phoenix Comic Con, I had a much stronger source confirm to me that, yes, it is indeed Alan Scott. On that basis I feel confident in calling it. Keep your Earth 2 #1 in good nick, and start queuing up for Earth 2 […]

Action Comics #6

Amazing Fantasy 15, Action Comics 252, and Jerry Siegel’s Hair

Wednesday morning, there were a few auctions I spotlighted outside of the obvious Action Comics #1 to watch for Wednesday night. Here’s how those comics did, along with a few additional noteworthy sales. In two previous sales of Action Comics #6, the first appearance of Jimmy Olsen, in CGC 5.0, we saw prices of $3,450 […]

The Stock Exchange – Golden Oldies

This week, the focus is on the Golden Age, where we had quite a few interesting sales this past week to report in our look at sales from the week of November 14-20. First up, we have a gem from Fiction House, Wings Comics #56. Fiction House had evolved from a pulp publisher in the […]

The Stock Exchange – Prime Time

As we did last week, it’s time for another look back at the big-ticket items of the past week, so here are the sales of note for the week of November 7 through November 13, 2011. The biggest news of the week is a book that just barely went up for auction, rather than having […]

Matthew Vaughn To Make Jonathan Ross And Tommy Lee Edwards’ The Golden Age

He’s been making films about young superheroes recently. Both X-Men First Class and Kick Ass. But now, he looks like he’s going to the old. Deadline reports that  Matthew Vaughn has a major Hollywood studio “keen to fully fund his next big project: The Golden Age about a retirement home where superheroes end up.” It’s at this point that […]