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"No More Heroes III" Is Reportedly 35 to 45 Percent Complete

“No More Heroes III” Is Reportedly 35 to 45 Percent Complete

Can’t wait to get your hands on more No More Heroes? It sounds like No More Heroes III is nearly done. In a new interview with WCCFTech, Grasshopper Manufacturer CEO Goichi “Suda51” Suda let some details slip about the game. He stated that the game is about 35 to 40 percent complete. The game will […]

Travis Returns in No More Heroes III on Switch in 2020

Travis Returns in “No More Heroes III” on Switch in 2020

Travis Touchdown is returning to us next year in No More Heroes III, a sequel to No More Heroes and Travis Strikes Again. The game is coming exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Grasshopper Manufacture has announced a 2020 release date for No More Heroes III during Nintendo’s E3 2019 Nintendo Direct video presentation. Taking place ten years after […]

Fire Pro Wrestling World is Getting a DLC Designed by Suda51

Goichi “Suda51” Suda got his start in games development with Human Entertainment (and now Spike Chunsoft)’s Fire Pro Wrestling franchise way back in 1994. Suda wrote a scenario for Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special called Champion Road that featured the game designer’s signature dark storytelling. Specifically, the scenario has players take on the role of a […]

Grasshopper Manufacture Announces 2019 Release Date for Travis Strikes Again

Grasshopper Manufacture has announced that their highly anticipated game, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, will release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on January 18th, 2019. In addition to the release date, the studio shared new details on their collaboration with publisher Devolver Digital to feature in-game t-shirts based on Devolver’s catalogue of popular indie games. The collaboration will include in-game […]

Let it Die

Let it Die to Reveal New Information in Twitch Stream on Monday

GungoHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture will host a stream on Monday on Twitch to discuss new content coming to their free-to-play pseudo MMO-arcade brawler hybrid Let it Die in the next update. The stream will show us gameplay of new features and provide some information on the changes coming our way. You can watch the […]

Let It Die Is Getting A World Of Tanks Crossover For It’s First Anniversary

Let It Die, the critically-acclaimed free-to-play chaotic permadeath PS4 exclusive, is throwing a spectacular celebration for its one year anniversary with a major collaboration with World of Tanks. The Crossover will take place on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017 through Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018. The World of Tanks collab includes ten premium Skill Decals that may drastically affect […]

Let it Die

Let It Die Gets A TV Spot

GungHo Online Entertainment America and Grasshopper Manufacture have released a TV spot for their FTP arcade-style hack-and-slash title Let It Die, and it is everything you’d expect of a game as absurd as Suda’s latest game. The tv spot features “Uncle Death singing a classic disco anthem while showcasing the game’s signature over-the-top mayhem.” The song in […]

Let it Die

It Might Take 100 Deaths But It’s Worth It – A Let It Die Review

It may not be entirely clear by the first few cutscenes, but Grasshopper Manufacture and Goichi Suda (Suda51)‘s Let It Die is an homage to the heyday of Arcade gaming. The game originally started development as Lily Bergamo which was going to be an extreme action game featuring a companion app and an “element of growth”, in that […]

‘Fire Pro Wrestling’ Is Returning In 2017

Fantasy booking. If there’s anything that will stir up the Internet Wrestling Community, fantasy booking is a no-brainer. Would you pay to see CM Punk vs. Hulk Hogan? What kind of match would these two people have? Who do you see coming out on top? These are questions we’ll never get answered in real life, […]