godzilla: king of monsters

Godzilla King Of Monsters Gains Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance

Big giant famous monsters will forever be alive in Hollywood, whether in the classic film memories or in reboots.  Just within the last three years, we’ve gotten a new Godzilla, AND a new King Kong.  If you didn’t see Kong, you missed out! Especially since it ties into the upcoming Godzilla film. It was announced today that Daddy Lannister, Charles Dance […]

Millie Bobby Brown Will Be Taking On Big G In Godzilla: King Of Monsters

Millie Bobby Brown has shot to superstardom thanks to her turn in Stranger Things. She showcased to be a fierce and compelling actress, and it’s not surprising that she is now a hot commodity for big pictures. In fact, she’s now been signed on to face the largest monster of them all in Godzilla: King […]

Krampus Director Finally Confirmed For Godzilla: King Of Monsters Chair

Back in October, it was said that Krampus director Michael Dougherty was in talks to direct the Godzilla sequel. He is writing the film, and helming the picture was going to matter on approval of the script. Well, it seems Warner Brothers have approved said script. Variety are reporting that Dougherty will be directing the film, […]

Detective Pikachu And Godzilla Sequel Get Titles As Pacific Rim 2 Gets A New Name

Things change quickly in Hollywood sometimes, and it seems a quite recent bit of news might have already been altered. Not so long ago, John Boyega went to Instagram, seemingly announcing Pacific Rim 2 to be called Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. Well, throw that out the window. Legendary have now come out themselves and announced a couple […]