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Hot Toys Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk 5

Lets Take a Look at Hot Toys Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Figure

by Christopher Olson Hot Toys has once again brought out a terrific product. For those that have had the pleasure of owning Hot Toys before, you know to expect the highest details and craftsmanship. I was one of those happy few that originally started collecting statues and “downgraded” to start focusing on 1/6 scale figures […]

Funko Pez BL HT Collage 2

Funko, Hot Topic, and BoxLunch Team Up to Launch Marvel Pop! Pez

Funko is going all in on Pez. To help launch their Marvel Pop! Pez line, Funko is teaming with Hot Topic and BoxLunch to exclusively launch the line in stores this month! Thirteen Pez dispensers in all will be available in all, including Cable, Thor, Gladiator Hulk, Loki, Star-Lord, Yondu, Magneto, and the man Stan […]

Hulk Dazzles In New One:12 Collective Thor Ragnarok Figure

Hulk was the beast part of Thor:Ragnarok if you ask me. This One:12 Collective figure does his appearance in that film justice in a way that I was not sure we would get. I should have known that Mezco wouldn’t let me down. This may go down as the best Hulk figure we have ever […]

Hulk Thor Ragnarok Figuarts Figure Smashes All Other Hulks

Hulk being in this week’s Thor: Ragnarok may be the best idea Marvel Studios has had yet. Maybe it is just me, but the first two Thor films were painfully slow and a slog. I have pretty high hopes for this one, and that is solely because of the big green guy. I love Mark […]

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends

Ragnarok Marvel Legends Invade The Realms Toy Aisles

Thor: Ragnarok toys began to hit shelves in stores this week, and hopefully everyone is having luck finding what they are looking for. I have been striking out so far, as I really wanted the entire wave of Legends so I could build the Gladiator Hulk figure. After seeing it in person at SDCC, it […]

Thor Ragnarok D23 Poster

New Thor Ragnarok Poster Given Out At D23 On Show Floor

Thor Ragnarok is going to be shown off a lot this weekend at D23 this weekend with it being released this November. Our own Kaitlyn Booth is on the ground there and sends us in a brand new poster being given out on the show floor. Totally awesome stuff there. They really have nailed the […]

Thor Ragnarok Funko Pop Hulk

Ragnarok Spoilers Courtesy Of Funko, Along With All The Thor You Can Handle

Ragnarok, the third Thor film, is one of the most anticipated films left to come out this year, and like every other big time release, Funko products are sure to come out with it. The sheer number of products for this release is staggering, and those who have only seen the trailer will want to […]

Hasbro Hulk Mask

Hasbro Reveals Some Thor Ragnarok Toys…And A Terrifying Hulk Mask

Remember Chewbacca Mom? Before that became THE video that your relatives tagged you in on Facebook if they knew you liked Star Wars (that and the Darth Vader grill), it was a freaky video that haunted my nightmares for a couple days. Hasbro has now doubled down on this, and created a similar Hulk mask […]


Two LEGO® sets have been leaked from the upcoming Thor Ragnarok film, and they are both pretty spiffy. The sets are based on the big battle with Hela seen in the trailer, and another is the showdown between Thor and Hulk in the arena. This will be the first time a Thor film has gotten […]