Dark Nights: Metal #1 Review: Rocking The DCU With Extreme Awesomeness

Dark Nights: Metal #1 is finally out this week, and we see DC’s big summer event finally start proper. We’ve had the hints, the glancing blows from the Dark Days prologue issues, which gave us the shape of the idea, like a sonar blip on the map – but now we see it in full […]

Talking Comics: Superman, Batman, GL, GA #1’s, Han Solo #1, Vote Loki #1 & More!

[youtube][/youtube] Thanks for pressing play! It’s another huge week for DC Comics as we get to finally launch into some of the main twice monthly titles that will be coming from the new DC Rebirth event, but before we get to that, we do get a select Rebirth title this week with Titans Rebirth #1, […]