girl with a dragon tattoo

If David Fincher Gets To Make The Millennium Sequels, He’ll Shoot Them Back To Back

The chief US press conference for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was held yesterday, and it allowed the ever future-focused blogosphere to get a hold of some sequel-centric bits and pieces. Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are both signed on to return should Sony greenlight adaptations of the remaining two Millennium novels, but director […]

First Good Look At Rooney Mara In Character As Lisbeth Salander

From the cover of W Magazine comes this image of Rooney Mara doing her best Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. Though the image is credited to Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the accompanying article seems to suggest Fincher was rather hands-on: “I think we need more blood,” Fincher said as he stared at Mara’s outstretched hands. Must be […]

Natalie Portman Back In The Dragon Tattoo Mix, Robin Wright In Talks

It’s the most red-hot casting hype in a very long time, and it shows no signs of dying down before the final, official declaration. Everybody, it seems, is talking about who will be David Fincher’s Libseth Salander, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Who Played With Fire and Kicked a Hornets Nest. Here’s the latest, […]