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What Scares You? Talking Horror With Image Comics at NYCC

by Octavio Karbank When it comes to comic books, what scares you? Today at the Image Comics: We Believe in Horror panel, the creators present attempted to answer that very question. What with it being October and Halloween being less than a month away it seemed a perfect panel for the season.   Featuring Will […]

Gideon Falls #5 cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Gideon Falls #5 Review: Upping the Intensity but Keeping the Pace Slow

Father Fred and Sheriff Miller are attacked by a crazed Joe Reddy. He stabs Fred’s hand and runs off into the night. Miller and Fred find Joe’s wife bleeding out on the ground before long. They find some things on the trail that lead them back to Doc Sutton. Meanwhile, Norton is trying to comfort […]

Gideon Falls #4 cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Gideon Falls #4 Review: Complex Characters and Fantastic Art

Doc Sutton explains what he knows and believes about the Black Barn to Father Fred. Sutton and Father Tom were a part of a group called the Ploughmen dedicated to fighting the Black Barn. Fred believes this is all nonsense and goes to see Sheriff Miller to talk to her about this. Meanwhile, Dr. Xu […]

Gideon Falls #3 cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Gideon Falls #3 Advance Review: What is the Black Barn?

Father Fred has another meeting with the Gideon Falls Sheriff before preparing for Sunday mass. Norton sets up defenses for his apartment in the aftermath of the robbery in his lab. Soon after, Dr. Xu arrives to share her experience with the ominous Black Barn. Gideon Falls provides another eerie and atmospheric issue courtesy of […]

Gideon Falls #2 cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Gideon Falls #2 Review: Esoteric, Perplexing, yet Compelling and Gorgeous

Norton continues his efforts to convince his psychiatrist, Dr. Xu, that his gathering of seeming junk is for a grander purpose. He even reveals the existence of the Black Barn to Xu. Meanwhile, in Gideon Falls, Father Quinn is detained as a person of interest after the murder of Tremblay. He reaches out for help […]

Comic Book Wins and Losses April 11th, 2018: Sorting Out the New Series’

We’re going to start this installment with a bit of housekeeping for those who, for whatever reason, follow my exploits here on Bleeding Cool. For those not interested, which is completely understandable, you can just start at the list below. I’ve been working on getting into a schedule–practically since I started on here about 10 […]

gideon falls

Lemire and Sorrentino’s Gideon Falls #1 Gets Badly Needed Second Printing

If nobody actually yelled “stop the presses,” we’re going to be disappointed. A press release from Image Comics proclaims that Gideon Falls #1, the hit new comic from Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino, and Dave Stewart has been “rushed back to print same day as release,” revealing that the comic has not only sold out, but it […]

Gideon Falls #1 Cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Gideon Falls #1 Review: Lemire and Sorrentino Do it Again

A man wanders the city looking for small pieces of trash to collect. A Catholic priest reluctantly takes a position ministering to a small town called Gideon Falls. These two disparate characters have a connection; it only waits to be revealed. Gideon Falls brims with the unique Jeff Lemire storytelling method that many have come […]