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Ghostbusters 3 Being Scripted By Tropic Thunder And Idiocracy’s Etan Cohen

The last released film to feature Etan Cohen amongst its writing credits was Men in Black 3, the latest instalment in a series that I’d say owes an obvious debt to another of Sony’s tentpole prospects, the Ghostbusters pictures. Studio logic, then, that while they studio have gone looking for a new Ghostbusters 3 screenwriter, they’ve […]

New Writers Called In To Save Ghostbusters 3

Though he’s not saying who’s got the job, Dan Aykroyd has kept the Ghostbusters 3 dream alive by revealing the hiring of new writers. The idea remains the same: write something that Bill Murray will say yes to. Because, to be honest, Murray is the only real hurdle between this film and box office success. […]

Video: Bill Murray Tells Letterman “We’ll Try Again” For Ghostbusters 3

I don’t need to rehash the details, I’m sure, so here are just the basics: Bill Murray has the power of veto over any Ghostbusters 3 and, frankly, nobody wants one without him anyway. He’s turned down the recent script, effectively killing it. But that’s not necessarily the very end of the story. David Letterman […]

Cameron’s Battle Angel Back On. Today. Check Again Tomorrow

The latest quote from James Cameron is a U-turn on his recent interview with the NY Times, at least how they quoted him. That interview led me to tell you that he’d ditched plans to adapt Battle Angel Alita in favour of all-Avatar-all-the-time. And now, he’s sent Aint It Cool a rebuttal. No. I still […]

Bill Murray To Be Replaced And Peter Venkman Recast In Ghostbusters 3?

I understand it’s the case, but for reasons I’ve never seen fully explained, that the principle cast of Ghostbusters have power of veto over any sequels. As such, the long-time coming Ghostbusters 3 has been waiting for across-the-board approval for some years now, and the lone hold out, as you would expect, has been Bill […]

So Has Bill Murray Finally Commited To Ghostbusters 3? Maybe So…

In an article about scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, Deadline have just tossed aside the biggest, most surprising bit of casting news of the night, if not the week. They say: Ghostbusters 3… seems to be finally coming together with Bill Murray recently committing to return. Or rather, they said. Because the article has […]

Rumour Reports – Ghostbusters 3, Transformers 3 And Zombieland 2

Three recent movie rumours have become subject to comment from the people behind the films themselves. Let’s see what Dan Aykroyd, Michael Bay and Rhett Reese have had to say regarding recent scuttlebutt. Ghostbusters 3 It would seem that casting for Ghostbusters 3 is underway now and according to FFA and What’s Playing, leading candidates […]