geostorm review

Latest ‘Geostorm’ Trailer Removes All Traces Of Humor

The premise sounds like something straight out of a 80’s comic book: the United States government creates a satellite that can control the weather and prevent natural disasters. As you’d expect, someone has come along and turned it into a weapon. That alone sounds like a Dr. Evil plot that only Austin Powers could stop, […]

Time For Extreme Weather In The Second Trailer For ‘Geostorm’

Geostorm is a Skydance Warner Bros production coming out this October. The first trailer was sparse with a great sound drop, while this one is extremely different in tone. Unfortunately, there are a couple of jokes that don’t really land and the special effects still look really out of date. It seems the only interesting […]

Lego Movie 2 On The Move As Warner Bros Reshuffle Schedule

There has been some movement in Warner Bros release date schedule. Four films have been moved including the sequel to the highly successful Lego Movie. The film moves back nine months from 5/18/18 to 2/08/19. No word was given why Lego Move 2 was delayed for so long, but the sequel will hit almost five […]