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Trailer For George Takei Documentary Movie, To Be Takei

George Takei is a textbook example of a celebrity who can leverage his fame to create a trade with his fans: I'll amuse you if you hear me out when I have something to say. I hope that this documentary, To Be Takei, gives weight to both personality and passion, "mirth and mission." [youtube][/youtube] To […]

Freakmagnets and Criminal Indictments—Archie Comics at Baltimore Comic Con

Archie Comics has been called one of the most progressive comics publishers around for some time now, particularly since the 2006 introduction of gay character Kevin Keller to the Archie universe. Several soon-to-be-released series like Afterlife with Archie and The Fox suggest that Archie Comics doesn't shy away from shifting its public image these days […]

George Takei Joins Kevin Keller In Archie Comics

In November, one gay icon meets another, in Archie Comics. Kevin Keller #6 will co-star George Takei, best known as Lieutenant Sulu. And it was at a comic convention that George met Kevin's creator Dan Parent and succumbed to Parent's request that the two meet in person. George and Kevin, that is. Here's hoping Kevin's […]